"You've Got to Play to . . . ACK!" (thud)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – Luis Salazar has seen a lot in his 90 years. But he’s never seen $16 million. Until Tuesday. The Osceola County man, believed to be the oldest person ever to win the lottery in Florida, came to Tallahassee to collect his prize. Salazar chose a lump sum of $10,089,377.57 over 30 annual payments of $533,333.

—Wise choice.

Is he single?

I’d do him.

I bet his relatives are climbing over themselves to check his will.


Does he have an older brother available for introductions? Preferably with a bad ticker, verified by medical records.

Yeah, I’d do him.

. . . You’ll have to get in line behind Anna Nicole Smith . . .

Remember SNL’s skit where death row inmate Gary Gilmore won the Illinois State Lottery of x amount per year for life? They were quoted as saying “We couldn’t be more pleased.”

That has been one thing I wondered in passing, but until I actually win one of the things, it’s sort of moot. If you choose the annuity option, does it stop upon your death, or does it go to your estate? Anybody know?

Even at so, at ninety, I’d take the lump sum and splurge. Spend it like there ain’t no tomorrow.


I heard it stops at your death. Damn shame, too. That’s why people always take the lump sum.

Illinois lottery installments are paid to your estate. Other states’ rule may differ.

Florida lottery also pays to the estate.