You've gotta see this Atomfilms short- surprise ending

Darn it, I say, I’m going to guess a surprise ending one of these days.

It hasn’t been very long, in terms of life years, since I’ve been aware and creative enough- well, maybe just aware- to predict things in movies/television that weren’t o-b-v-i-o-u-s-l-y going to happen (the bad guy shows up at the hospital where his henchman lies dying; he kills him, the badass he is; wait, I’ve seen this scene before! ;)). If Sixth Sense came out now, I would o-w-n it (actually, that surprise was spoiled for me, but…). A year ago I saw Matchstick Men; I didn’t know there was a surprise ending, and it owned me. But for friggin’ sake, send one by me now and I’ll get it!

Well I didn’t get the ending of Prey Alone, although I came close (yet I never would’ve imagined… :eek: ). Let me know if you guess the ending.

And reccomend some other surprise ending SHORT films (just short; let’s not get into a discussion of films w/ surprise endings, start another thread if you want to, and do a Search and find the ones already done) that I can watch online.


Well…that was clever.

Can I just take a moment to say.


Seriously. My desktop is busted, and my laptop with Ubuntu can NEVER play embedded media files on webapges. I can play ones I can download to my system just fine, but not ones in webpages that I can’t DL.


Sweeet! I’m hooked, many thanks for the link andrewdt85

“Glitch! Stats!”

That was awesome.

That was indeed awesome.

I didn’t guess the ending, though I was headed in the right direction.

Fantastic! I’m pretty sure I came “close” to getting the ending the same way you did, andrewdt85.It was pretty clear that the interrogator was hunting himself in an infinite loop, anyway. The whole twist makes so much of the incidental stuff absolutely perfect on review, though. “Level one.” Heh heh.

bouv, I wasn’t able to get the Atomfilms site to work on any of my browsers, either. That javascript just does nothing.

I hunted around and found the lead animator’s website, which contains a link to download a nice 113mb .mpg version. (And a smaller 74mb version.)

It turns out that he’s also the guy responsible for those wacky milk commercials featuring cavemen meeting unfortunate ends while trying to work out that whole soda thing. Be sure to check out his gallery of stills! Some very nice work there.

Did they imply that the plane outran its own missile, which then blew it up, or did I miss something?

I didn’t guess the ending, but, well, I was more impressed by the action.

The special effects are impressive and the movie is entertaining, but the ending wasn’t surprising.

The way the car was driving sideways while the driver was shooting expertly was so ridiculously unrealistic that I immediately thought of

Grand Theft Auto, especially when the helicopter was shot from the sky

At that point, everything clicked for me and all the subtler clues fit together nicely.

(I’ve found that when I’m told that I’ll never guess the ending of a movie, I’m far, far more likely to guess it correctly than if I just watch the movie with no prompting. That probably played a role here.)

I got it about halfway through. The fighter jets were a dead giveaway.

It looked like an episode of 24.

Well, thanks for the link Larry Mudd, but I tried to watch the video (low-res version) and the god damn audio and video are off. It started off just a second or so off, but after a few minutes, I would see the action…and five second later get the audio. Unbearable. I’ll DL the high res and see if that doen’t have the problem.

OK, I got the high res, and while the audio was still behind the video, it stayed at about one second.

Can I just say?

I love it.

Check out their web site: It’s fascinating to see the effort involved in putting this together.

I had the same reaction as BlackKnight. Guessed about halfway through on pretty much the same basis. Ditto his parenthetical aside, as well.

But yeah, pretty cool nevertheless.

I am very good at guessing endings. Neither Usual Suspects nor Sixth Sense fooled me.

This, I never saw coming. I noted the unrealistic driving and other events, but… …since I’m not a video game player, this was not really a useful referent for me.

Very good flick.

It was a good movie. I also feel like I was playing Metal Gear SOlid 2, which is not a cool feeling. Beter as a short film than a game, though.


The anagram title finally clicked for me.

Don’t feel bad- if not for the end credits which reveal the anagram, I would never have known.