You've seen my mom's bears. Now see her new thing.

So my mom and stepdad are done working at Bear Country USA.

Now they’re working at The Roo Ranch.

Aren’t these things cute?


Stepdad holding a male swamp wallaby named Smores

Mom with Smores

Gizmo, a Bennett’s wallaby

Jack, a red kangaroo who likes hugs

Also looks like he’d like a jock strap! :smiley:

Those are some mighty cute critters, though. How do they fare in SD’s cold climate come wintertime? Or do they all go into an indoor enclosure?

We did Bear Country about 10 years ago. Very cool. The oddest thing was the bears forming a conga line and nibbling the ear of the bear ahead of them. Is that natural behavior or something they were trained to do?

Yes, they are. :slight_smile:


They’ve got heated barns. My mom said that some of the wallaroos seem to really like playing in the snow, though.

Seems like my mom mentioned something about that. I’ll have to ask again.