yummy, I just made some crystallised ginger

This is about as mundane and pointless as it gets.

I have a love affair with ginger. Seriously, I love the stuff. Pickled, raw, crystallised, ground, I don’t care, so long as it’s real ginger – I can’t get enough of it. For the longest time, I have been buying the friggin $10/bottle 2 oz jars of crystallised ginger in the spice aisle at the grocery. The I discovered that my local Kroger store carries a 4 oz bag of long slices of crystallised ginger for $2.50/bag. I started buying that.

Honestly, I am just lazy. I finally went ahead and bought a nice bit of ginger root and just got done making my own crystallised ginger. It is cooling right now. I think I might have screwed up by not cooking it at a high enough temperature for the first little bit, as it is still a bit stringy, but I can’t wait to chow down on it. That’s right, boys and girls, I don’t use it for cooking, I just eat it like candy.

<homer simpson>mmmmmmm, ginger</homer simpson>

I will have a nice big batch of gingered sugar when it finishes drying/cooling. I wonder who I know that might be interested in that? I don’t use sugar often and while my daughter also likes ginger, she doesn’t eat sugar much, either. Oh well, I guess someone at work will get a lovely gift tomorrow.

Has anyone else ever made crystallised ginger? What’s your recipe/secret?

I’ve made homemade ginger ale, and then when the ginger was done cooking in the simple syrup, I’ve taken it and made crystallized ginger. Because my goal was the ginger ale (and frankly once you’ve had real ginger ale the stuff they sell as “ginger ale” tastes like cruddy water), I didn’t pay too much attention to the crystallized ginger. As I recall, it was a bit chewier than I’d thought it would be.

Hm. Home made ginger ale. That sounds good.

Hell, some Vernors sounds good right now. I may have to do that.

I know you said you don’t cook with it, but just thought I’d share a recipe that gets raves every time I serve it; Roasted Pears and Ice Cream (with crystallized ginger) by Rachael Ray

I used to LURVE ginger ale – back before I stopped drinking carbonated stuff. There is a very simple (and according to my MIL, very yummy) recipe on another website (sorry, I drew a blank!) that I thought about making for my son – he loves ginger ale, too.

Shayna, thanks for the recipe. If I actually liked sugary desserts, I would find endless uses for the gingered sugar. Sadly, I neither like nor need to eat sugary desserts, so it will go to waste here. I will take it to work tomorrow, a lot of the older ladies like to make hot tea, perhaps they would like it for that?

Some of the pieces are just about perfect, while others are a bit stringy/chewy. I wonder if I should just use the outer edges as those are the parts that seem least chewy/stringy.

Once I get the recipe figured out, I am so going to make a huge batch! Then again, I don’t know that I need that much sugar…I could stand to lose another 20lbs…hmmmm…

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