I’ll admit to being an occasional visitor of Fark.com and on a recent trip there I clicked a link mentioning something about a perpetual motion machine, the actual thing the article about is not what my question is about but something mentioned near the end of it called a YUSMAR machine, I’ll throw in the URL and the clip about the machine itself here for a second

Now, I’m as capable of using google as the next guy, and searching for YUSMAR hasn’t really turned up anything that tells me what I want to know, does this thing actually exist and if so how can it possibly work how its supposed to without being used or widely known of, and then what exactly does this do, and why would I have found it coupled with Cold Fusion?

Ok, so I’m not all that good with phrasing questions, but, try and squeeze some sense out of that.

By the way heres a link about I found entertaining…


This is a bad example of a typical pages I’ve found, because most either are clearly against it or for it whereas this one isn’t really sure about anything

The Yusmar is an electric heater intended to be attached to the hot-water radiators in an old building. But it’s not just a hot coil of wire. Instead it’s an electric water pump which drives a fluid vortex inside a special metal tube, making the water get hot. The makers claim that it puts out far more heat energy than the electrical energy used in driving the motor.

A bunch of engineers and hobbyists discussed the Yusmar years ago on my “weird sciences” forum. The inventor was coming over to the US, so we had him take his device to a lab in Texas and have it tested. But then it turned out that he didn’t bring a working device, he only had the “vortex tube” thingy. So he had to track down a US-made water pump and fittings. But that meant that there was a fundamental difference (no original Yusmar product was ever tested.)

The testing showed nothing weird. The water got hot because of turbulence, but the heat energy was just from work done by the water pump. The heat output was just as normal physics would predict. No unexplained excess energy measured.

The literature and advertizing for Yusmar concentrated on testimonials and said nothing about careful measurements. The inventor seemed honest enough, but that’s hard to judge (and used car salesmen are good at seeming MORE honest than normal folks.) Chances are that the device did nothing unusual, but the inventor and the people in his company had talked themselves around to believing that it worked (and talked themselves out of any need to actually VERIFY if it works as claimed.) The operation of self-dishonesty and “conflicts of interest” are weird to behold. It’s all subconscious psychology in action. The victims are clueless about the distortions.

This event is buried somewhere on the ZIP archives of the vortex-L forum, http://amasci.com/weird/wvort.html

A good article on the difference between real science and “Yusmar” style of strangeness is found in the second half of Feynman’s essay “Cargo Cult Science.” It’s all about extremely brutal self-honesty. Search www to find a copy.