Z-Max for your car?

is this stuff good? is there any hardcore evidence that it works well? if it does what it says it does, i would suspect a treated engine would do say 3x as many turnovers in it’s life???

a guy at pep boys bashed this stuff and said it would blow up my engine if i put it in there, since it has 130k miles. what’s the deal?

i’ll do a search and let you know what i find. thanks.

Man, are they still selling that stuff?!? Maybe they’ve changed it since 2001, but:The FTC says Zmax is actually tinted mineral oil. It actually causes an increase of corrosion in your engine. Lovely.

From the link above: (In case you didn’t read the whole thing)

Sure says a lot about the whole engine additive market.

did some research and found the same stuff.

supposedly, these additives are already in the oil we buy now. potassium, zinc… just minerals. putting more in, but not in a quality solution such as SAE cetified oil, will hurt engine, maybe. but of course there are the feel-good stories of saving dying cars and having them run another 650k miles. go figure.