Zagat Survey: how to pronounce Zagat

Is it za-gat?
Or is it zag-at?



and they said it rhymes with “the cat”.



… the first rule of syllabification in lingistics is “maximize the onset”; that is, place as many consonants at the beginning of a syllable (as opposed to the end) as you can, without violating that language’s rules. [I believe the rules are known as the “photosyntactic constraints”, but I’m not aboslutely positive. Perhaps **Polycarp** or … oh dear, I’ve forgotten the other linguist’s name… can help out.]

I pronounce it zuh-got.

Arthur Schwartz often has Zagats on his radio show. They say za-GAT. (Of course most people, including myself, erroneously call it Zaggit’s.)

My old 12-pound Webster was no help. What the heck is a zagat?

I presume we’re talking about Tim and Nina Zagat, the famous restaurant guide writers.