Zapp Brannigan quoting Donald Trump

Didn’t see this anywhere - Billy West has been tweeting out quotes from Donald Trump in Zapp Brannigan’s voice, and someone has collected them into a bunch of videos.

That’s wonderful! (In a completely terrible and sickening way.)

I read that in Zapp Brannigan’s voice.

Wow! There are FOUR such videos. How come we (me) haven’t heard of this before now?


Oh my god, in the 4th video there’s a segment with Dr. Zoidberg reading the letter Trump’s doctor wrote. I’m still crying.

Direct link. Didn’t know about the second letter they mixed in, which I’m not sure really fits as well.

never mind

There needs to be a sigh…in a certain voice…

Zappp’s second in command…whats his name…

There are many sighs by Kiff, also voiced by Billy West. Maybe not in the first video but I heard many of them.

I am bowing down now to Billy West.

No, Kif is voiced by Maurice LaMarche. He also did Calculon, Morbo, and lots of heads and robots.

Apparently Billy West asked him to do some Kifs for these tweets, and he readily agreed.

I really do like these, but what I would like better is Wild (or someone who does a really good Trump impersonation) to read Zapp Brannigan quotes in the voice of Donald Trump.


I remain shocked Trump hasn’t quoted Zapp by accident.

Someone should give him a gift of a velour jacket.