Zappa now available on iTunes

Well there goes my bank account. My co-workers are probably wondering what the hell is going on in my office. I just downloaded two songs from Mothers of Invention.

Help, I’m a Rock!
Help, I’m a Rock!
Help, I’m a Rock!
Help, I’m a Rock!


could imagine?

great googly moogly!!

Is that a real poncho, or is that a Sears poncho?

Just in time, since I’m moving to Montana soon.

I wanna hear “Caravan” with a drum sola.

Between Help, I’m A Rock and Return of the Son of Monster Magnet, you must have really gotten your $1.98 worth. Or does iTMS charge more for long tracks?

Usually (though not always; it seems to depend on the label in some cases) iTunes doesn’t allow you to buy tracks over 10 minutes long individually–you have to buy the whole album to get them. That’s the case with Freak Out and “Monster Magnet.” Also, like the current CD edition, iTunes has “Help, I’m a Rock” and “It Can’t Happen Here” as separate tracks, so you have to spend $1.98 to get what used to be one long song.

Download any vegetable, download it by name,
Download one today when you get off the train.
Download any vegetable, and the chances are good
The vegetable will respond to you…

I think it’s specified by the studio/publisher/artist in question.

Hey anybody,
Can you spare a dime?
If you’re really hurtin’,
a nickel would be fine.

Remember, It’s a fine line between Kneeling-down, and bending -over… :wink: