Zemod Pho or What is your Guitar Hero Group's Name?

My son got Guitar Hero II for Christmas. Of course I had to try it out. One of the first choices you have to make is to name your group. Since when I hear “group” I tend to think of Z Mod 4, I decided to name it Zemod Phor. Now, when you enter it, the game only shows you nine spaces, but when I got to the final “r”, it allowed me to enter it. However, on the score screens and such it shows it as “Zemod Pho”, thus ruining my pun to all but a few Ebonic speaking mathematicians (and unfortunately “Ebonic speaking Mathematicians” is way to long to use as a group name).

Anyway, what is your Guitar Hero group’s name?

Guitar Hero 1 allowed for only very short names.

Guitar Hero 2 allows for many more. My main GH2 “band” is Seven Deadly Sins (from a Flogging Molly song). The wife’s is Sonic Death Monkey (High Fidelity).

My GHII band is the Red Rangers.

If only they could toss in the original theme song as an unlockable…

My current band name is “Degoba Rulz”

Santaburge. We had a similar ‘final r’ issue… I don’t know, the husband just hit the wrong button I think. But we liked Santaburge so we kept it.

Used to be “Cheese Brain”. Now “Noodl Bol”.

“The Last Airstrikes”

Atomic Poopbox

The band reformed after its predecessor, “Electric Poopbox,” broke up due to artistic differences.

Guitar Hero 1: Captain Socks (where I got my username from)
GH2: Archdiocese of Fargo (relgious terminology makes for great band names)
Rocks the 80s: Lard Muffin

Guitar Hero 1: Vomit Choir
Guitar Hero 2: Oh Fuck It’s A Bear

It’s not surprising that Doper band names are so much more inventive than what you see on most video game boards.

As for mine, I was goofing around with one of those random band name generators years ago and it spit out The Dreaded Milkman Conspiracy and much hilarity ensued. I had to shorten it for the game so we’re not so dreaded any more. For the 80s edition, I went with something more decade specific.

GH1 and 2: Milkman Conspiracy
80s Edition: Skeletor’s Closet


From thier meager start in the Battle of the Bands of the 80’s, Tone.Deaf has rocked on, mightily so, much to the chagrin of the nieghborhood.

Both: Muffintop