Zen Touch or Zen Xtra

Hey guys…I have a 5GB Zen Micro but am running out of space (never realized how much I would like to instant access to my cds)

So I’m contemplating buying a 40GB MP3 player and I like to stay with Creative. I’m used to Creative MediaSource and have a persoanl thing against Ipod…

So - do I go with the 40GB Zen Touch? or the 40GB Zen Xtra?

Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated

I’ve got a Zen Xtra 30Gb and it’s great. Once in a while, it will lock up. A punch of the reset button gets it going again. Easy to use interface.

I am embarrassed to say that I opened this thread expecting a discussion of condoms.

I have the 60gig Xtra, and it used to lock up occasionally, but that seemed to be solved with the latest software update.

I am embarrassed to say that I opened this thread expecting a discussion of Buddhism.

That occurred to me, too, but somehow the Xtra cast doubt upon my expectations.

I second the wonders of the Zen Xtra. I bought the 30gb Zen xtra a few months ago, and have yet to fill it up. Wonderful player, easy to use, and while it is a bit large it fits in my back pocket perfectly. Locked up on me twice so far, but I just popped out the battery, popped it back in, and it started up easily. Perfect face for rhinestones, if you are into that stuff. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Have you upgraded the software? I had lockups but upgrading to 1.20.08 seems to have eliminated them.

I just upgraded mine. When my player locked up, it was usually after being turned off for a couple of days. Hopefully, this will fix the problem.

When I went to Creative’s site, the instructions for upgrading did not work. Instead of holding down the play button while pushing the reset button did nothing. Instead I upgraded the software via the PC.

I didn’t know there was one than one way to upgrade the unit’s software. Are you sure you didn’t just upgrade the related PC software? You can get the unit’s software level with SETTINGS->ABOUT.

I did upgrade the PC software. It was supposed to contain the player’s firmware, too. I had to download the firmware separately and that worked.

I have the 40 Gig Zen Xtra and I love it. I’ve only had a problem with it restarting but that only happened twice and I was running both times.

A slight hijack: does anyone know of cooler protective cases? I’m getting tired of the one it came with.

I also love my Zen Xtra 40GB. I’ll fill that baby up yet! Never had any problems since I bought mine about 2 months ago.

I guess with the Zen Tounch you’re paying about $50 for nicer buttons? I don’t know, I rather nab more memory with that money.

Rule #1 I learned 15 years ago when it came to computers. Skimp on memory and you will be regretting it later.

Check out Vaja Cases. Expensive, but very nice. I have Vaja cases for my Zen Touch and Palm Tungsten and they’re pretty awesome.

By the way, I have a 20GB Touch and really love it. High quality. Very solid. Great interface. Excellent sound quality. Never had a technical problem. I’ve had it for almost a year, use it a lot (8 hours a day at work), and never had it freeze up or anything. And the battery life is insanely great. I can’t compare it to an Xtra since I’ve never used an Xtra, but I’ve never regretted buying my Touch.

These are the key differences (aside from the obvious ones!):

Zen Touch: 24 Hour Battery Life, missing a few minor Xtra features (bookmarks, reordering playlists)
Zen Xtra: 14 Hour Battery Life, Removable battery, Wake Up Timer (you might want to double check that the Touch doesn’t have that)

I’d personally recommend the Xtra for the extra (wuhahaha) features.

I also advise you to track one down, hold it in your hands (with headphones plugged in) and ask yourself if you think you’ll be able to use it a lot without dropping it. Zens really don’t sit in your hand like most other players.

Thanks for all the advice guys…

I went and got myself the 40GB Zen Xtra a few days ago. The removable battery was the ultimate decision maker. I went back and forth about the size/comfort for a while but decided that most of the time I have it in a bag anyways so it doesn’t matter all that much.