Zenkers surgery

I had acid reflux it went away but kind now has come back i dont get heart burn thought just the annoying globus feeling and constant belching. but recently i have a new sympton. whenever i swallow i burp and i feel like food/liquid is getting caught in my throat only im not chocking. its a very wierd and hard feeling to explain. most of the food makes it way down but some gets stuck in throat. an my throat vibrates as i burp from the inside. i think it may be zenker’s diverticulum but im really young im only 19 btw so the doctors think it may be something else. but if it can you guys give me some insight with this. and do you know anyone that has gotten the surgery for the zenkers

See a gastroenterologist, and find out if a barium swallow or EGD or other such might be a useful diagnostic tool.