'Zero!' hand sign: fingers curled or some outstretched?

Obviously have too much time on my hands, but. . .

It’s common (in the US, anyway) , when someone is answering something with ‘Zero’, to make a hand gesture imitating a numeral zero.

Would you normally do it with all fingers curles, or the middle, ring, and pinky somewhat outstretched?

That’s always been the sign for OK.

I would normally do it with my fingers curled.

Eh. . . .Thanks for the info.

I extend my index finger and draw a circle in the air with it.


It’s the same finger position for zero and okay, but I’ve never seen anyone do “okay” without also moving their hand forward too. Kind of like how the letter Y and the word yellow are the same finger positions in ASL, but yellow involves movement that Y doesn’t.

Like you were holding a…banana?

Be careful where you make the ok or zero gesture. :eek:

FWIW I make the sign for zero and Ok the same way.

A vote for curled here.

My brain doesn’t recognize there as being a hand sign for zero. To me the version with fingers extended is ‘okay’, and the version with fingers closed is some weird sign language symbol I don’t know because I don’t know sign language? Or maybe it’s a baseball signal? I dunno.

They have arrived!

I actually remember in my part of the US (Chicago) being jokingly told that the OK sign stands for “asshole” back in the 80s. It was explained as spelling out as A-S-S (pinky-ring-middle finger) and “hole” (the thumb and forefinger “hole” you make in the OK sign.) The area being a mish-mash of ethnicities and cultures, I suppose it was borrowed from one of these cultures and then somebody retrofitted it with an English explanation.

I think I might do it either way.