Zimbabwe: Going After the Asians

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Comment: Mugabe had said some time back that he was going to go after the Asians too. All the comments about Indians being “looters” is bunk. That’s just the same old socialist line they used against the whites. The nonsense about the “Forex black market” - let me explain. Zimbabwe - even in the days of Rhodesia - had strict foreign exchange rules. The official exchange rate was always artificially higher than in comparison with the free market. So in Zimbabwe the “Black Market” is really the “Free Market”. When people buy and sell forex among themselves the “Black Market Rate” is really just dictated by supply and demand. e.g. Official exchange rate to the US Dollar is around Z$50 to $1. But the “Black Market” rate is around Z$300.

Asians have often been thrown out of African nations. In a sense, what is happening to whites has actually happened to Asians even before it happened to whites. e.g. The Asians thrown out of Uganda by Amin. But in Mugabe’s case it is an issue of chucking out anyone who threatens his powerbase and his socialist ambitions. Mugabe also said he’d take white businesses. It should be noted that Asians, mostly Indians, are very successful in Africa. They are excellent business-people - and this makes them a target just like the whites BECAUSE THEY ARE SUCCESSFUL. Hmmm, isn’t that what Hitler did to the Jews in Germany? Didn’t he foment hatred against the Jews because they are successful? What happened in NAZI Germany is now happening in Zimbabwe.

Source: SAPA via Business Day (SA) | April 24, 2002

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s militia of so-called guerrilla war veterans are shifting their campaign of lawless seizures of white-owned farms to property owned by the country’s small Asian community, the state press reported.

The state-controlled daily Herald newspaper quoted Andrew Ndlovu, an executive of the notorious Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, as saying that “Operation Liberation” would now target Asians.

“Nothing will stop us from reclaiming commercial land from Indians,” he said.

He accused Asians of being “economic looters” and said: "If they do not stop looting our economy they will leave us with no choice but to go door- to-door making, sure all Indians in the cities are complying with instructions from war veterans.

“In 1980 when most whites left the country, Indians had money to buy nearly all the developed land in cities,” he said at a press conference to which only state media were invited.

“We now want these Indians to surrender a certain percentage of that land to the government,” he said. He did not specify how much.

“Indians are not here to develop our country or to work with the government, they are economic looters.”

He accused them of creating a black market in critically short foreign currency, of failing to attend celebrations to mark the country’s independence anniversary and of owning “under-utilised vacant properties which they did not want to share with blacks”.

No comment was available from representatives of the country’s Asian community, estimated at about 10,000 people, largely seen as affluent traders and professionals. They appear to play a low-profile and apolitical role in the country’s affairs.

Ndlovu has been at the forefront of Mugabe’s campaign of illegal seizures of white-owned farmland since war veterans began moving onto properties in February 2000, and in the last two weeks he has been on a tour of white farms and claims to have ordered hundreds of owners to get off and leave behind all but their immediate personal possessions.

His appearances in farming district around the country have been followed by massive looting, against which police have taken no action.

Over 150 farmers have been forced off their farms since flawed presidential elections last month, where war veterans also played the main role in the wave of violent intimidation against the opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

Ndlovu is facing criminal charges of incest and of stealing ZD800,000 (about US$13,800 and R151,800) from his movement.



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