Zimmerman's charged with perjury

OK, so it’s perjury, but it’s not important perjury. This is not really generating a lot of sympathy from me.

He went into hiding for several weeks after the shooting, and even his lawyers said they couldn’t find him for a while.

If this is SOP in Florida for charging people at bond hearings then I withdraw my objection. If not, then it stands.

He wasn’t charged with anything at that time. He could go anywhere that you or I could go. The night of the shooting, he complied with police. When he was charged, he promptly turned himself in, and when his bond was revoked he turned himself in again.

I realize that, yes. I wasn’t saying otherwise - just that he managed to disappear pretty successfully and I can imagine that being taken into account here.

On the other hand, when he was charged, he promptly surrendered himself.

Given his notoriety his going away for awhile was perfectly reasonable under the circumstances and not, to my mind, evidence he constitutes a flight risk. That he stepped right up out of hiding when it was time to do so suggests he’s NOT a flight risk.

I think the coded speaking, secret passport, below reporting requirements transactions and hoard of cash may give the Judge pause but it was probably over fear of the unknown on his wives part. I can’t find a bond schedule for the court he is in (it may not exist) but it looks like they may not have had much more of a cash outlay had they been honest.

Obviously this really has no relation to the original case but I would argue it tends to be a good thing to not make the judge that is presiding over you mad.

And it appears, to me, to be further proof that Zimmerman, (and now, apparently, his wife) aren’t taking this case very seriously.

Possibly, though, they are taking it seriously, and are the kind of people whose first instinct is to deceive others.

It’s a bit more than perjury that she could be facing. At first glance, it looks like she specifically structured the transactions to avoid the $10,000 mandatory reporting requirement to the IRS for financial transactions, which is a serious federal offense. She could face more time in prison than her husband if federal charges are pursued.

Who was looking for him? Spike Lee, NBC/MSNBC talkshow host Sharpton, the New Black Panther party, the lynch mobs these people stirred up? There were wanted posters saying the NPPP wanted Zimmerman Alive or Dead.

Who wasn’t looking for him? The police.

Zimmerman turned himself into the police when he was requested to. Twice.

Since she didn’t file a tax return that didn’t include the money, what would the IRS charge her with? Almost not paying taxes?

Probably structuring, it is still illegal if you are attempting to hide assets from a court even if there are no taxes due.

And obviously from the link it is in the USC not IRS rules.

At what point did your life experience teach you that catching the attention of the IRS is a GOOD thing?

Look, dude, even if what she’s been caught doing SO far isn’t illegal, you DO realize that the IRS is stocking up on latex gloves and Vaseline just for this investigation, RIGHT?

They know the laws well. They’ll almost certainly find SOMEthing, and…good luck in Federal Court if you’re married to George Zimmerman.

It’s not about filing tax returns- she faces both civil and criminal penalties for structuring transactions in a way to avoid filing IRS Form 8300.

treis said it had to be cash in the IMHO thread.

You are dealing with the IRS, so of course their definition of cash is not literally limited to a lay person’s traditional idea of cash.

I don’t know enough about the transactions to say absolutely they would qualify for reporting; however, they are extremely suspicious and a quick google search reveals at least one expert in this area is on the record saying Zimmerman’s wife could be facing IRS trouble.

I just about pity her. This is NOT going to be pretty.

jt, you aren’t working at the right law firm if that is truly the case. Perjury is a serious offense to the court and lawyers can get disbarred for allowing it to happen. Don’t clerk for scumbags; that’ll hurt your career.

REALLY?! :dubious:

Are you married? In a serious relationship?

Beyond whether this particular instance is stupid, of course I would commit perjury for my spouse. In fact I’ll come carve up the body and clean up too.



Earlier in the transcript, there was this exchange:

If the news story is correct and she transferred $74,000 from her husband’s account to her own bank in several structured transfers, how does that not rise to perjury? She stated that she was not aware of any financial means to assist in her husband’s case, and in the previous few days, she allegedly moved large amounts of money.

I don’t understand the “dirty trick” objections. She lied, under oath, about a subject material to the testimony she was giving. That’s why we have a crime of perjury.

I also am not sure I understand the claims that this will hurt George’s credibility at trial.

Can someone sketch out hso this will happen?