Zimmerman's charged with perjury

Shellie Zimmerman that is.

I don’t want this thread to be about the Martin/Zimmerman case as it is only tangentially related but I don’t quite understand why someone would commit perjury for their spouse.

Sure support them and do what you can to protect them but is there any rational reason get your family in deeper water?



This was such a stupid thing to do. Not only is she facing criminal charges, this has to put a big dent in his credibility when he goes to trial.

What’s the debate? You’re shocked that someone would commit perjury for the person they are married to? Obviously, she thought she could get away with it.

This is quite a bit different from lying to protect your spouse from being thrown in jail (giving a false alibi, for example). Shellie Zimmerman apparently lied to protect her money. She transferred large amounts of money from George’s account into her own. While it may have been illegal, and wrong, people do a lot of crazy things when they are worried about money. Perjury and structuring are pretty low on the scale of things people do to get and especially to hang on to their money.

Actually I am, especially in this case where it is likely that he would be found not guilty.

I could never imagine asking a loved one to do this or not expressing my disapproval strongly if I found out they were doing it.

I fully admit I may be Naive.

Any transcripts anywhere to read exactly what she was asked and what her response was? I’ve seen general summaries in the media where she replied some version of “I don’t know” to some question about finances.

If someone asked me, under oath, “Iggy, how much money is in your bank account right now?”, I could only reply honestly with “I don’t know.” Sometimes “I don’t know” is an honest answer. Depends on the question

If asked “Iggy,do you have more than $50 in your bank account now?”, then my reply would be a definite “Yes.”

If asked “Iggy,do you have more than $500,000 in your bank account now?”, then my reply would be a definite “No.”

Start getting close to what I would estimate the actual balance to be and you’d get an “I don’t know” for an answer.

The OP linked to an article that details what they did (although he put the link in a quote, which made it easier to miss). I haven’t seen an exact transcript, but she was arrested because they told the court they didn’t have much money when they had raised a large amount for his defense, and the prosecutors say the transcripts show the Zimmermans discussing the sums of money in code to make it sound like they’re discussing smaller amounts of money. There are quotes in the article.

Here’s a direct download link to a pdf of the evidence:

I guess you operate pretty fast and loose with your finances, Iggy, but if I were going to testify in a bond hearing for my wife, the currently most famous person charged with murder in the country, I guarantee you I would have some detailed information on our finances in hand. Unless, of course, I had a secret slush fund I was trying to hide.

OK. Found apartial transcript from the G. Zimmerman bond hearing. Only has 5 of 27 pages but covers the questioning about funds from the website.

It is not clear who is doing the questioning.

In part the transcript reads:

(emphasis mine)

Hmmm… In a nutshell she says I don’t know how much is in the account now. Ask my BIL. He’s the one who knows.

Not sure that rises to perjury.

Surely the prosecution could not possibly introduce this. Shelley Zimmerman playing some illegal tricks with money hasn’t any bearing at all on George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin.

I was always taught to answer only the question that is asked and to answer it truthfully.

And that it is a lawyer’s responsibility to ask the right question.

If you read the linked document he was an active participant, in the criminal case probably not but
for the bond hearing on the 29th of this month you bet it will be used.

“You know George, we don;t want to lock your wife up for conspiracy. We want to settle all this right now. How about if you plead guilty and we just let the little lady go? How does that sound to you, George?”

Read the earlier part of the transcript. She says they cannot make bond and that the Zimmermans don’t have funds to assist in his defense. (And she says she doesn’t know how much money they’d raised from the site.) Meanwhile they had raised something like $135,000 for his defense from their website.

They discussed how much money was in the account while she was telling the judge they were more or less broke, so it’s not clear to me that this was all her doing.

What a low down awful dirty trick. Any doubts left that they are going after George with both barrels? I’m clerking at a law firm this summer and at every deposition, hearing, or trial someone perjures themselves. This is absurd, and a rotten trick. Not illegal, but rotten just the same.

Anyone else think that these charges would disappear if old George pleads to manslaughter? Disgusting.

If it gets one more man-boy playing cops and robbers with a real gun off the street…it’s not pretty, but neither was the death of Trayvon. Unless, of course, you’re the sort of person who shouldn’t be allowed to have guns…in THAT case, you might think Trayvon’s death was wonderful.

Wouldn’t that be the dirty rotten trick, not the act of prosecuting someone for perjury? Is it your contention that people lie about their finances at every bond hearing?

al27052, this thread isn’t about the shooting itself. We have plenty of threads on that subject. References to it are understandable but it’s not the primary topic, so don’t drag the argument in that direction.

To be fair, everyone agrees that he fired a handgun at a teenager, killing him. As a first approximation, manslaughter sounds quite appropriate.

I’m not familiar enough with bond hearings to answer that. I do know that there is enough wiggle room that those aren’t really “assets” of the Zimmermans. They can’t be used to gamble away in Vegas.

But that aside, it’s a nasty trick because everyone knows that a spouse will lie for her husband. Look at how Casey Anthony’s mom lied for her, but no perjury charges are forthcoming.

And this isn’t even a lie about a major aspect of the case. Zimmerman isn’t a flight risk. He should be ROR. This is a scared woman looking out for her husband and not a dangerous criminal that the state of Florida has taken off of the street. Does anyone seriously think this isn’t to intimidate George?