Zinc for colds?

Has anyone reading this had a cold get better by taking zinc? If so, how many mg. taken how often? Any side effects? Thanks.

Zinc and the common cold.

And by the Master: Can zinc lozenges cure the common cold?

Arrgghh! And this: Is there an “anti-placebo” effect?

The above references deal only with zinc lozenges, which taste terrible. I am interested with people’s experience with zinc pills, which are swallowed and so don’t taste bad (and I should have said that up front. Sorry.).

Either way, pills or lozenges, they deliver the same dose of zinc to the body. As The Medical Letter (a highly reputable source, btw) said, “Properly blinded confirmatory studies are needed”.

Personally I doubt zinc in either form makes a significant difference.


If you are sick, you need a balanced diet. Yes, that includes Zinc, but why stop there? Plenty of food, especially fruit, rest and water is what you need when you get sick, not pills and lozenges.

All I know is that even though intellectually I understand that there is no reason it should work, by gum those zinc lozenges DO help me get over colds better. Chalk it up to the PE.
(As long as it is an actual cold. Does jacksquat for a flu)