Zipcode Policy Change effective Jan 1?

Does anyone know if the USPS Policy regarding the use of 5 digit vs. 9 digit zipcodes is changing?

I was told today by a salesman trying to get me to purchase a local city directory that I would need it come Jan. 1, because the PO would require the “complete” 9 digit zipcode in order to deliver the mail. I asked at my local PO, and the person I asked had not heard anything.

I went to the USPS website and didn’t see anything. Is anyone here in the “know”? I’m just curious…I sure would hate to find out Jan. 1, that all mail required 9 digits.

Thank you in advance for any information!

Oh, I did “email” the USPS w/ my question…but, patience isn’t one of my top personality traits!

FYI- Did you know that ZIP stands for Zoning Improvement Plan?

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Ohhhhhh, I can’t believe I did that!! That 11 should be a 9!
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Poor guy can’t sell anything better? USPS has a lookup site that gives you the last four digits for any address. More accurate and a lot cheaper.

Oh, and here’s the US Postal Service home page.

Right now they’re into safe packaging and bar codes. As to ZIP+4? Well, they didn’t have…zip.

IMHO A legal requirement for ZIP+4 would not be limited to a guy trying to sell you a directory. It would be publicized on the news, vilified by Rush Limbaugh and a huge subject on this message board (from Great Debates to The Pit).

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[Simpsons]Those last four numbers are Citizen Relocation numbers. God willing, we’ll never have to use them…[/Simpsons]

Well, FWIW, here’s the Zip Code FAQ, and I don’t see anything in there about mandatory Zip+4 changes in January.

And here’s the U.S. Postal Service Zip+4 lookup site.

Angel? Your salesman lied to you. :eek:


Oh, no! If it hails from Scottland it has to be whisky. Whiskey on the other hand is the stuff made in Ireland. In general Canadian and American beverages are also called whisky and whiskey respectively.

Actually, there is no requirement that you use zips at all. Mail will get delivered without a zip code but you can expect it to take a bit longer.

Or you can leave off the city and state entirely, just using the zip code. Make sure that it’s legibly written, though!

For the last several years, the USPS has been tightening rules (with some financial inducements) for the quality and quantity of address information on commercial mailings. (The closer you can get to their “ideal” address, the lower your postage when mailing in lots of hundreds or thousands.) Several of the new rules went into effect last January 1 and there may be some more rules coming this January 1.

None of this has anything to do with requiring Zip+4 on personal letters or demanding more nearly “ideal” addresses on group mailings below whatever number is needed to get a rate break.

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