Has anyone ever heard of a square dance called “zodiac.” There’s a song that goes “Jump back sally make a little alley,jump back sally all night long. I look down the alley and what did I see,a big fat man from Tenessee…” I was looking for it on napster, I think its called something other than zodiac, which is what the dance was called. Does anyone know the name of this song?

…this is the first square dancing question I’ve ever seen at the SDMB.

I don’t know the answer, either, but now I’m curious. I don’t know whether er have any square dancing experts here. (Sits down to wait & see who can give a definitive answer).


Well, it’s a starting point.
Google. “Square dance” search within results, “square dance zodiac”.


This was the only useful reference that turned up. But hey, at least it’s progress–we now know there’s a kind of square dance or folk dance called a Zodiac.

But blessed if I can find it. I presume they’re all so busy dancing that they don’t have time to post it on the Web.

A whole lot of square dance links.

Happy hunting! :wink:

Y’know, I’d hate to see a question this offbeat go unanswered, but I suspect that many folks will see the thread title, assume it’s about astrology, and not bother reading it. Ought I to change the title to include the words “folk dance” or “square dance”?

One vote here for “yes”, FWIW. :slight_smile:

Questions about astrology get a real high “skip this” ratio at the SDMB.

Yep, you have my vote too. I thought it was another astrology thread. Who knew there were so SO SO many Square Dancing Web Pages? I’ve spent a bit here looking, and can’t find a reference for “Zodiac” anywhere. Good luck :smiley: