Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Yeah, and I wasn’t thrilled. I’ll give it a few more episodes; but I get the feeling the show isn’t interesting or fun to watch for me anymore.

It seems interesting that Lauren Graham is leaving the show - and they had her in the S2 opener as opposed to just mentioning she got transferred. I do think it will be tough to top the father story of S1. So I’m curious in what direction they go - right now it’s Zoey’s failure to deal with her grief.

My wife got into this show and binged S1, so I started watching S2 with her. I thought I got the basic concept, that she experiences people expressing their feelings as a song and dance number that only she sees and knows about; in other words the musical number is taking place only within her head.

But then, in the most recent episode, she’s trying to get it on with a guy and he’s breaking out into song and is aware of it-- first it’s “Take me out to the ballgame” because he is literally thinking about baseball, but he keeps breaking out into a love song, which he tries not to do because his true feelings are too distracting or something. And he keeps apologizing for singing the love song.

So my wife tries to explain-- “she experiences peoples’ feelings as songs, which most people aren’t aware of, but some are, and some can hear the songs too, and if they’re of aware of it they can control it, I thnk?..ah, watch S1, it’s better than S2.”

Basically got it. Her neighbor and Max (the guy she is canoodling with) know about it.
I’m not 100% sure Max knows which song he is singing, but he knows if he is thinking about baseball or not.

The curly hair look was certainly interesting


Right. Neighbor and the love interest have been told Zoey has this ability, so they can also tell when she’s in ‘musical mode’ and can guess as to what she’s hearing a song about.