Zofran pump info?

I understand you are not a doctor, not my sister’s doctor, etc. Just looking for generic info.

My sister got a Zofran pump on Friday (she has extreme moring sickness with her pregnancy). It fell out Friday night and they replaced it Saturday. Today she woke up and it is red around the insertion site and a little hard. Her home healthcare nurse that put it in said she wasn’t sure if it was an infection or just a normal reaction. (The home healthcare nurse is pretty useless. I have instructed my sister to call her insurance company in the morning and get a referral for a different company.) In the meantime, for anyone who has ever had a Zofran pump, is that a normal reaction? I’ve Googled but can’t find anything.

Honestly? Site reactions can happen with any medication. However, a nurse is not allowed to diagnose and expecting her to is asking her to step outside the legally allowable scope of practice. There may be other good reasons to be unhappy regarding the nurse that you haven’t mentioned, but this probably shouldn’t be one of them. Get a doctor to look at the site to decide if there’s an infection and prescribe if and as appropriate.

All drug pumps work pretty much the same way. I’m assuming this one is similar to an insulin pump in that the needle is subcutaneous? This doesn’t need a nurse to manage aside from doing some teaching to the patient on how to do it themselves. It’s really not particularly difficult.