Zoggie and the no good, terrible, very bad weekend

Well…how do I start? My weekend has been both good and bad by turns, but since it’s taken a turn for the worse, I think this belongs in BBQ.

First of all, my fucking ass teachers think it’s a great idea to give us so much work. I mean, being overworked on the weekend is something us students completely enjoy. So I get to spend Friday night doing a lot of work- that’s fine. I don’t mind that. In fact I don’t mind staying up late to do homework Saturday night either. But I DO mind being dragged to my fucking grandparents’ house just so because my parents think it’s a good idea. Yeah…I have hours of work, spending it here where absolutely no one notices me? Yes, GREAT. :mad:

And it was SO much fun bonding with my spoiled brat mother fucking little cousins. It’s not as if anything about them pisses me off, because I love their dorky way of dressing exactly alike, and of making banshee-esque noises. Nope, spending time with kids who make me SO glad I’m pro-choice is TOTALLY my idea of killing time on a Sunday afternoon when I could have been sleeping/watching TV/playing on the computer…blah blah blah.

It was also fun not watching Boston Public because the people at Fox love screwing with my mind. And it was also fun not being able to watch the movie I rented Sunday night. And I’m so happy that my half day tomorrow has been cancelled. And I’m happy that I get to go back to school and find out I’ve failed my math/chem tests. And then it’s Friday for a four chapter multiple choice test, and then Sunday, I get to go to school for three hours. Yes, because i’m expected to go to school on the weekends too. (And they wonder why I’m so pissy.)

I’m sorry, people, this was a horrible rant. i’m really no good at them. I’m usually a cheerful, furry happy monster, but today I’m just incensed beyond belief. And I don’t want to go to school tomorrow, or ever…:frowning:

Eh, get used to it, bub.