Zoo Tycoon 2: I am pathetic. Please help!

OK - I just got the game today and was gleefully playing along when I hit a big fat nasty snag. I’m the kind of gal who likes to play the scenarios in order with no cheats, but I feel really stuck.

I’m on the fourth scenario - you are rehabbing a crappy zoo with four tiny exhibits: gembok, dromedary camel, cheetah, and a moose. For whatever reason, I can’t get my moose’s social rating to go up at all. Do I need to start the scenario over and buy another moose as soon as I have the chance or what? I’ve been screwing with it for so long that my cheetah and camel are now feeling deprived. As of right now, I can’t adopt any new animals, and my (incredibly generic and non-specific) goals have to been met.