Zorro fans: Recommend a good audio book

I like to listen to an audio book while I excercise. I’m looking for my next one.

I am a fan of Zorro and that type of hero (the man who never missed loosely falls into this genre.)

Know of any good audio books with a Zorro-like hero?

Should I assume you already listened to the new Isabel Allende? It’s a retelling of Zorro. Hard to get any zorroier than that.

What have you listened to so far? The first thing that comes to my mind is “The Shadow” radio series–since as far as I am aware this was very much the beginning of the dark hero line (Zorro, Batman, etc.)

Those are both great suggestions! But I have already read them. (OK, maybe not all of the Shadows, but all I could find online.)

Actualy, the things I have already listened to don’t fall into this category. But since I’m going to go out and buy, this was the category I wanted to look for first.