ZosterSandstorm is suspended for 3 days after 5th warning

Suspended for 3 days for 5th Warning since October 2021

You are being suspended for 3 days. You are also banned from talking about CRT at all on the Straight Dope when you return.

You’ve been warned for detailing & hijacking threads and insulting others. You don’t appear to be improving.

The CRT ban is for the entire board, not just GD or P&E. It includes the Pit.

List of warnings to come …

Warning for ZosterSandstorm, you like to make debates personal. That is not allowed. While this one might seem minor, you do this far too often. Please stop it. Everytime you make a post in GD or P&E personal going forward will result in a warning and then a suspension if you persist.

This is an official warning to not violate this basic rule of P&E and GD.

Warning and thread ban for ZosterSandstorm. You are rehashing and old and tired pet issue in a thread not for it. I am officially warning you to change your behavior in CRT threads going forward and to stay out of this thread from this point forward.

Finally today’s:
Warning for ZosterSandstorm .
This is still talking about and hijacking the thread with CRT. You were specifically noted to stop. I’m going to discuss a topic ban on this subject with the other mods.

As of right now, you are banned from this thread. Hopefully you understand this instruction.

Ignored Modnote: