ZPG people are BORING!

These people:http://www.zpg.org/
have a good cause, but…somehow this dead serious approach isn’t going to convert a lot of people.
Their radio guy, Weasel, tries to be funny:
“The rhythmic crescendos of Ravel’s Bolero have probably done more to increase world population than any other single musical work. I say, ban it immediately!”

This is about the equivalent of the beer can plastic rings being the solution to preventing harm to lwildlife, as discussed by Cecil.
I say, have fun, multiply, and eventually the population will crash all on its own.I won’t be around. My kids, maybe.


Zero population growth will never catch on. Now, if you made sex be not quite so fun, you might have a chance.

That was one of their comical goals. They tried to scare people with the years they would spend with Barney the Dinosaur, or Teletubbies.When they have babies.

Actually, Teletubbies I can put up with!

Well, I know that I won’t be adding anything to the collective genepool. DUH! Two males don’t make children.


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter