Zurich in October

Does anyone know if Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve has any significance in Zurich?

I’m about to book tickets for a trip to Africa, in October. We are thinking about travelling through Zurich, and taking a few days on the way back to explore. The dates are right around 10/31, Halloween. I’ve never heard about Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve being a big occasion in Zurich, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Also, if anyone has visited Zurich, how prevalent is English. I’m not afraid to pantomime my way through a trip, but some English might be nice, after having left Africa.

Don’t know about Halloween there. Probably not a big thing, but who knows. As for English, the Swiss are very good with languages, and most will speak some English. You won’t understand Swiss German for the most part, even if you speak German, but they can also speak regular German, French and a few other languages just to annoy those of us who aren’t polyglots.