! zweisamkeit got to hurl sharp pointy sticks and LOVED IT!

Saturday is my “do stuff” day. It’s pretty much the one day of the week where I have a semi-decent chance to go out and, well, do stuff. Lots of times it’s just going out to lunch, or using up saved tokens at the arcade.

But so during the week, my friend/sorta SO (looong story) said he had a surprise activity planned, PG-rated. :smiley: Okay, so I had no idea what it was. Saturday approached and he picked me up.

Driving, driving, driving.

What’s this? What do I see? An archery range! GLEE!

I’ve wanted to use a bow and arrow for years and years, but for various reasons, I haven’t been able to. I also feel slightly self-conscious when I’m trying something new, like I’m going to make a complete ass of myself.

I didn’t care! It was just SO much fun. I was literally bouncing up and down for an hour after we left.

I was instructed just to have fun, not to worry about even hitting the rings the first few times, since all I should do is get used to actually shooting an arrow. I shot about… oh, 75 arrows or so, and a quite decent amount of them hit the target (including 5 that hit the inner circle!), which I was quite proud of, not only because it was my first time, but because I was using a crappy rental-bow that had a useless sight.

The only sorta bad thing is my bruise. When I straighten my arm out to the front and have my fist perpendicular to the ground, my elbow is turned so it’s parallel to the ground, and it does a “diamond” shape that really sticks out. So my first round of 5 arrows had the bowstring zing across the side of my elbow each time, and even when I got an arm-guard, it still stung. So I have this gruesome-looking bruise the size of a deck of playing cards (but it doesn’t really hurt at all, oddly enough).

But Lord! was it fun! I can’t wait until I can go again! I want to get my own bow, but I’ll wait awhile to see if I actually like it enough once the “novelty” wears off.


Cool! I wanna try!

That sounds great! Take me next time: I haven’t done archery in years.

Ever thrown knives? That’s cool, too. I’m not very good, but I’m probably going to learn, since my fiance has become addicted to knife-throwing.

I think I still hold my college’s ‘unofficial record’ for broken arrows (not my fault, really). And when I went home a couple of years ago, my friend pointed out the arrow embedded in a tree in his backyard where we had archery practice - the tree is 30 feet beyond the target and the arrow is 45 feet up the tree (I got spooked by a bird flyin by, twitched on release, and well, you know the rest).

Ah, the bruises. Such painful memories (and mammaries). I found that padded bra cups helped (certainly didn’t hurt, either…).

Dammit, I wanna take up archery again; for all the problems, it was kind of fun. I just recommend to anyone stay out of my way.