Zyada and me!

Well, it’s official.

I delivered the ring on Valentine’s Day (yes, that gooey sentimental one :slight_smile: ), so now we’re officially engaged. She posted a picture in her LiveJournal (here if it works for non-LJ people), and I’ll post another link when I’m back at work on Tuesday.

Many congratulations! It was great meeting you guys, even briefly, in Vegas, and I wish you all the best.


How does you know it’s time for bed in the rjk household?

When the little hand is on the big hand!
[sub] I’m so ashamed [/sub]

Woohoo! Congratulations!

That’s great! The ring is beautiful, and many great wishes on your journey together!

Hey! Congrats!
So, do I start watching “The Province” for an announcement?
Heck, why go local when you can shout it to the world on the Dope!
Are you getting married in Burnaby? Dinner at Hart House and all that or something different?

Hey, I’m actually speechless! This is the best time of your lives, so best wishes, best of luck…oh, heck,


::wonders when the sdmb is gonna start charging a fee for all these hookups::

After seeing y’all at Chidope how could anyone not have seen this coming?:wink:

[sub]w00t w00t w00t:D[/sub]

Congratulations!! Many happy years together. The ring is really beautiful.

Congrats, you kids!

Congrats, you two!!

Holy moly, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Congratulations, Zyada and rjk!

wow, congratulations!

happy dances

Congrats you two!

congratulations and best wishes!!

Congratulations, B & B! Wow, Labor Day weekend 2000 continues to be memorable!

Just a third. Probably the little sparkly things in the eyes. Y’all are so transparent! :smiley:


Sometimes I can be the densest person on the planet.

I’ve heard all these wonderful things about “Bob”, but never connected the dots to rjk.


We’re disgusting, aren’t we? :smiley:

You are both wonderful. And I couldn’t be happier for you.

Best wishes for an awesomely terrific life together…not that you need them, but I’m sending them your way ANYWAY!!!

My Love,