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Pain at tip of penis

Last night, out of nowhere, I started noticing a very irritating pain at the tip of the head of my penis. I hadn't noticed it at all earlier in the day, but rather it hit me just suddenly. The pain isn't sharp, but more a dull, irritated feeling that suddenly made my underwear very uncomfortable to wear. Pressing hard against the area doesn't hurt me, however, strangely the light touching of my boxers does.

The skin that hurts to touch is kind of like a little square to the left of the... lips, i guess? The rest of the head feels normal. Any light chafing, like I said, causes pain. There is no visual problem with this area. It is not swollen. There is no discharge. Everything looks fine so I highly doubt I have an STD, especially considering that my last sexual encounter was about 3 weeks ago and this symptom has only shown up yesterday.

However, now that I think about this, the pain is somewhat firmiliar. When I first began to masterbate, after ejaculating I would notice a dull throbbing pain in the same exact area. After some time it would go away, only to come back the next time I masterbated. However, after a while, the pain did not return.

So does anyone know what the problem is here? I am kind of worried about this because I think I may have a chance to get some action tonight and I don't want this problem to get in the way.
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Get thee to a doctor. If you can't spring for a urologist, check out the public health clinic in your area.

If you suspect a problem exists, you're, at best, irresponsible if you pursue getting some tonight without attending to the problem.

You're not going to get a reliable diagnosis on a message board.
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It may be related to the same type of fungus that causes jock itch. I have had such a problem and a jock itch cream has helped.
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Did you perhaps eat nachos with jalopenos and then piss before washing your hands?

BTDT and it feels like you describe.
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Ive done some research online and it doesn't seem to follow any symptom from an STD. It doesn't hurt to urinate. Theres no lump, no swelling, no redness, no pus, no blood - the only pain is what feels to be just extreme hypersensitivity on one small part on the head of my penis, so much so that it kind of hurts. From a doctor's perspective everything would look and feel normal, because frankly, my penis looks and feels normal. The pain is there, but it does not feel like anything serious, rather it is irritating and I would like to know if anybody could describe anything similar to this in themselves. I searched on the internet and found several websites describing similiar symptoms but with no real answer.

link 1

link 2

Those both seem to describe the problem Im having. No answer though...
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Diabetes will cause the tip to hurt because of sugar in the urine (tho somebody described this as at the "lips", not to one side).

Kidney stones can hurt right there, depending on where they are. They produce a wide variety of symptoms. I know, having had forty or so of them. If you really want to know exactly what stones feel like, you have to ask someone who's only had one!
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The Flying Dutchman The Flying Dutchman is offline
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and then there is the grienspace syndrome.
Old 08-31-2003, 11:22 AM
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I've had that before and it's due to over doing it in the bedroom or in your case if it's been 3 weeks, over masterbating. The sting is more irratating than painful as you cant do anything about it. However I also recommend getting this checked out with your GP, as I did.

PS. Did you send your soldiers into the valley of death then?
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Ringo gave the best advice. See a doc!

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Do you really want to entrust the life of your penis to this or any other forum?

Go to a doctor. A urologist is a kind of doctor who specializes in the parts of the body responsible for urinary excretion.

Once you make an appointment with a real, live doctor, that doctor has a professional interest in your masturbatory habits.

The rest of us would just as soon NOT know, thank you very much!

If you don't want to go to a doctor, then it might be a good idea to stop putting your wee-wee in the vacuum cleaner.
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Maybe you're standing on it.
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gluteus maximus is right. Go to a free clinic. if you're too embarrassed to see your own doctor. Symptoms can vary widely for STDs. Even if it isn't an STD, don't you want a definitive diagnosis, for your own peace of mind? There are diseases worse than STDs.
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Quite a big differential diagnosis, including balanoposthitis, urinary tract infection, chlamydia, gonorrhea, paraphimosis, etc. This ain't a webbable diagnosis here.


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