I think ,I have a penis cancer.

Few days ago when I was wanking preety hard looking at naked broads on computer , then afterwards relaxed and happy I looked at my dick and to my suprise I see big red spot on right side of the glans.
First I thought maybe friction of my hand caused it ,but it did not dissapeared and today is still there,I did not see it before and I take good care of him i.e, wash with soap etc. (Oh! forgot to mention that I’m uncircumsized).
I don’t feel any pain but I’m scared ,what if they gonna have to cut it of :eek:

Dude, first of all, if you’re that concerned see a doctor. Second of all, did you really want the whole world to hear about your dong?

Don’t worry about it, you probably just got a little friction burn from yanking on it too hard. That red spot will most likely go away in a couple of days.

They hardly ever have to cut off dicks for dick cancer anyway. It’ll turn black and fall off first.

Relax, I’m just kidding.

Wow, if i thought that something was wrong with my pud, I would be getting to a doctor ASAP. You know, as opposed to sharing it with the whole world on a message board. YMMV though.

(checking start month) July? Sounds more recent than that. (checking post count) 232 is mighty high for this sort of post. (checking membership) At least we got his money first. :smiley:

That is far more than I needed to know about your social life. Though I’m no doctor, the good news is that it is treatable and usually doesn’t require full amputation. Just get used to being called “Stumpy.” :rolleyes:

Or it may just be some sort of a blood blister kind of thing. Perhaps someone could put out a call for Qadgop the Mercotan to come and enlighten us?

[sup]<looks at thread title>[sup]

I think, therefore I have a penis cancer.
–Penes Descartes

If it weren’t just so wrong, this would be a great sig.

What a sensitive bunch of guys some of you are. :wink:

Well, your penis is a sensitive subject. Especially now that you’ve damn near wanked a new hole in it.

Well, I’m not a guy so I think it’s kind of funny.

Or, alternatively:

I wank, therefore I am.
–Penes Descartes

I actually have a relevant question. Are you circumcised? Because if you’re cut, you’re safe. Penis cancer only happens to dudes with foreskins. At least. that’s what Dr. Drew says on Lovelines.

Maybe you’ve just got the herpes. There is also such a thing as psoriasis of the penis which gives you red spots on the helmet. Please don’t ask me how I know.

Thanks for the words of wisdom :dubious: ,and may I add this: having two holes is better than one.

Can you link a picture of it so that we can take a look? You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand descriptions of a blistered dick”.

Please disregard the above request.

I have better idea, we can meet and you would see for yourself.

Not if they’re both in your wang, ol’ buddy.

My condolences to your penis; I’m sending warm thoughts and prayers it’s way.

Let no one say I’m not sensitive.