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How often do you speak to your siblings, or am I weird?

Background: I am 35 & female. I have 3 older siblings, each being 3 years (give or take a few months) older than the younger. (For those not good at math -- that means my sister is approximately 38, one brother is approximately 41 amd the other brother approximately 44.) We all live in different areas. I live in TN, sister lives in TX, one brother in Spain and the other, well, he is somewhat of a nomad (last I'd heard he was living in TN again).

We don't speak very often. I occasionally speak to one brother (the one in Spain) via email, and while my sister occasionally sends me forwarded crap emails, I don't ever actually speak to her. The other brother I haven't spoken to in several years -- since 2004, to be exact.

It's not that we don't get along or have any malice, I just don't really have anything to say to them. I guess I figure they must not have anything to say to me, or they'd contact me. This doesn't bother me, but it seems to make people give me the look when I mention I have siblings. I guess I don't talk about them much more than I talk to them. Does this make me weird -- not feeling the need to speak to someone with whom I share nothing more in common than a few genetic bits? Some of my friends tend to think it does.

What say you, oh denizens of the Dope? Am I weird for not "keeping in touch" with my siblings? How often do you speak with your siblings?
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My sister and I are very rarely in contact with each other. There are only two years separating us, but we weren't close before she left home for college, and didn't really develop a relationship after that. I like her fine, but not enough to make a huge effort to keep in touch (and clearly she feels the same way). :shrugs: I don't feel any compunction to socialize with someone just because I am related to them. Which is good, because I dislike most of my relatives, who by and large belong to the unpleasant Texan sub-species of Southern Baptists.
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I have one brother living in the same city as me that I only see when our parents visit.

Really I only talk to them when we are planning something.

I generally see them a few times a year, but it would not be unheard of to only see them at Christmas. We vary in age from 37 to 26 and while there are some significant others, there are no children.
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I speak with my sibs about once or twice every couple of years when we get together for Thanksgiving or Christmas (but not both). As I explained recently in the suit to a wedding thread, my oldest brother and I just don't have all that much in common, and we're not geographically close. I adore him, I've always had bad case of the hero-worship where he's concerned, but we're not pals. We have a great time when we are together, but we don't go out of our way to keep in touch on a regular basis. Occasionally he'll email me something about a movie he's working on or got coming out as part of a mass email, and I'll check out the new website and tell him what I think and we have a short flurry of communication and then nothing for years.

My other brother (the middle kid) still scares me a bit. He's kind of a sociopath - although I think they call the diagnosis something else these days. He honestly doesn't think other people have any rights to anything he wants - property, money, space, life - and views those less intelligent than he (which is pretty much everyone) as insignificant and worthless. I've forgiven him for things he did to me when we were kids, but I don't really want him around me or my kids very much. It's cool at Thanksgiving in a group, but I'm not going out of my way to cultivate a close relationship with him.
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I am 25 and my brother is 19 (almost 20) and we sort of keep in touch, but just barely. We are very, very different people and honestly if he and I just happened to have gone to school together or something and hadn't been related we would probably actively dislike one another. As it stands we like one another just fine and we speak every so often but really we don't have anything to say to one another. He doesn't care about the opera I saw this weekend or the book club meeting I have next monday and I really don't care how much vodka he can drink in one sitting or how many reps he did on the weight lifting machines down at the gym. We love one another the way you love family but we just don't get along the way some siblings do.
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I love both my siblings. We never talk.

OK, we'll talk on the phone maybe a couple of time per year, and we see each other during the holidays.
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I don't think it's weird at all. I have virtually nothing to do with any of my family other than my mother, father and stepmother/younger half brothers. I have 11 aunts and uncles and over 20 cousins and I don't speak to any of them. Even my younger brothers I only see twice a year (we're not geographically close - 350 miles away), although once they're older and assuming they live closer to me I can't think of a reason why we wouldn't get on with each other but we're quite similar and share quite a few interests (which counts for far more than our shared DNA).

My mother occasionally attempts to convince me I should make some effort with the rest of my family but she can't get through the barrier of reinforced apathy that I maintain around this topic.
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Actually, the one relative with whom I most enjoy spending time is my grandmother's brother's son, who is about 15 years my senior. Every time I come into town, we go out and see how much sushi we can eat. (A lot, I can tell you.) It has nothing to do with genetic proximity.
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I have two younger brothers that live about 2000 miles from me. The one that is 3 years younger than me has always been incredibly different from me and doesn't talk much at all so I don't even try. My little brother that is 9 years younger than me has turned into a real asshole over the years. I can't stand his new bride nor can anyone else in the family so that relationship is toast to me. All I care about at this point is that they acknowledge me young daughters in any way and we try to be good long-distance relatives to our nephews. I don't even think I really love my brothers any more let alone having a desire to chat every now and then. I don't hate them but I would greatly prefer not even seeing them for the holidays because it is disruptive and my own family is infinitely more important than they are.
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Originally Posted by Litoris
What say you, oh denizens of the Dope? Am I weird for not "keeping in touch" with my siblings? How often do you speak with your siblings?
I speak with some siblings all the time and others not so much. I don't consider it strange at all.
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I only talk with my brother on holidays when he calls my parents' house. He's in the Army and doesn't get enough leave to travel very often, so we see him about once a year at most, even when he isn't deployed. The most I've spoken to him in the last 20 years was when my dad was hospitalized a couple of years ago and we sat in his ICU room together for a few hours.

We were close as young kids, but he got into a bad crowd as a teenager and had to get over some drug and alcohol issues, so we grew apart in high school. Then I went off to college and he went off to Germany for a few years.

I'm not sure what's going to happen when my parents are gone. Either we'll get closer or we'll never see each other again. I heard recently that he has a girlfriend for the first time since his divorce about 10 years ago, so maybe that will make a difference. He's also fond of my kids, especially since he doesn't have any of his own yet.
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This makes me feel better. To clarify -- while I actively loathe my mother and could care less if she were to continue her existence on this plane (but it would honestly be too much work to do so, so I don't), I don't actively dislike any of my siblings. I just have nothing in common with them.

While I do think my sister harbors a personal grudge against me because I have lost all of my excess weight (and she has found it!), I don't really care one way or the other. I have asked her to stop forwarding all the crap to my email (this is a person who is quite internet-savvy, so I don't know what's up with the forwarded crap) but she never responds and just keeps spamming me.

I had thought about this quite a bit after someone said "wow, that's really weird that you never talk to your siblings" and the truth is, I honestly never talked to them when we all lived in the same house! My oldest brother is like 9 years older than I am and a total loser, so that speaks for itself, but while my sister and other brother are ok people...meh...I just never found them to be very interesting.

Even when Dad was still alive, I would go a couple years without seeing, let alone talking to my siblings, but now -- I guess I am more surprised when I actually do speak with any of them than at the idea that I don't speak with them. Does that make sense? I guess with how dysfunctional my family always was, I never got the concept of continuing a relationship with someone just because they're related to me. I wondered if I were as alone in that as some of my friends seem to think I am. Guess not.
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I have one brother, two years older. He lives a time zone over from me. I haven't seen him since April and last talked to him around Christmas. As the OP said, I don't feel like I have anything to say to him.
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I'm the youngest of six. Except for one sister, I have almost no contact with any of my siblings except when we gather for some reason. Truthfully, I really don't like them much so why go out of my way to have a relationship with them. I don't see the point. I stay in contact with my parents more out of duty than any real interest.

I just got back from a family gathering for my parents 60th anniversary. There are stories there, but that's another thread.
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I get news about my one younger sister through my mom, so I only speak directly to her maybe 4 times a year max (each other's birthdays, Christmas, and then perhaps one other random time). We're not necessarily on bad terms, but we're not on particularly good terms either. But even before that, I've never really had anything to talk to her about. Our life (careers, movies, travel, culture) is quite foreign to theirs (kids, church). I'll ask about my nephews and niece, and we'll cover the general bases, but it's rare if the conversation lasts more than 15 minutes (maybe 20 if the kids get on the phone to say Hello). My mom wishes the two of us were closer, but I've made a good faith effort--with decidedly problematic results--so it is what it is and my conscience is clear.
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Nah. Pretty much sounds like the relationship my sister and I currently have. We just don't have much in common - aside from having popped out the same womb three years apart, that is.

If it wasn't for blood ties, she'd be that one random acquaintance I'll occasionally talk to on MSN or invite to my parties, but that I won't exactly go out of my way to hang out with. As it is, the only extra effort I make is to offer to pick her up on en route to our mother's house for the usual Easter/Thanksgiving visitations (and it's really no effort, considering we practically drive right past her front door on the way).
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I haven't spoken to my brother in 2 years, since he became homeless. I've heard he's not homeless anymore, but I have no desire to speak to him. He's an alcoholic with ah, anger management issues, and possibly a drug addict. I only mention him when asked if I have siblings, but otherwise never talk about him.

He's 4 years younger than me. We were close when we were younger, but once I was in high school, we drifted apart. I miss my little brother sometimes, but that person is long gone.
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Litoris, your thread title is a little vague. If you can come up with a more descriptive alternate title, I'll change it for you, o.k.?
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Youngest of four girls, three of us live within a stone's throw from each other. I talk to the out-of-state one fairly often, and at least email regularly, and am close to one of the neighborly ones as well.

We're a close family. My parents retired 8 years ago and moved nearly 300 miles away, but I host them here at least once a month for holidays, birthday parties, etc.
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This thread makes me feel better about our decision not to adopt a second child. We keep thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice for our daughter to have a sibling! She'd always have a playmate, and a friend, and she'd have extra family even after we're gone!" But I guess that's the movie version of having a sibling. In real life, it's hardly a safe bet.
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Originally Posted by Czarcasm
Litoris, your thread title is a little vague. If you can come up with a more descriptive alternate title, I'll change it for you, o.k.?
How about "How often do you speak to your siblings, or am I weird?" I like being vague, sorry. No, that's not true, it's just a natural talent
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Originally Posted by Litoris
How about "How often do you speak to your siblings, or am I weird?" I like being vague, sorry. No, that's not true, it's just a natural talent
As you wish.
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I speak to my sibling all the time (though most of the time she calls me on account of her schedule) and we're best friends. We're both women, 29/27 respectively.

My parents, otoh, rarely speak to theirs. My father is definitively and angrily (though it has mellowed to indifference) estranged from his only brother. Both my mom and dad are politely semi-estranged from the others, except they have 1 sibling each they still like.

I definitely think their family issues sparked a concern (essentially the fact that my parents were up sh*t creek to find us legal guardians as minors despite 11 siblings between the 2 of them) that my sister and I get along. To that end, I'll say they were scrupulous that both of us get treated evenly and fairly by them.

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Originally Posted by Czarcasm
As you wish.
Have I watched The Princess Bride too many times, or did you just confess your eternal and undying love for Litoris?
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I have two sisters. The younger works on the 3rd floor as the same buliding as I (I'm on the first.) and the older one lives about 20 minutes from me. The last time I hung out or talked to my older sister was on New Years' Eve and that become a shouting match. The younger sister and I probably hang out more, though not as much as we use too.

It isn't that I don't love each other them.. I just can't stand my older sister and the younger one is pretty judgemental and ignorant. It actually upsets my mother that my older sister and I can't tolerate each other; but like I told her.. If my sister was a stranger on the street I would have told her off a long time ago and had nothing to do with her. Just because she is blood, why should it be any different? She's a leach.

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Originally Posted by Czarcasm
As you wish.
Awwwww, you love me? *suddenly has a case of the vapors*
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I talk to my sister just about every day, and she lives a few blocks from me now, so I see her a lot, too.

We have two brothers, and neither of us talks to either of them very often at all. They both live out of state, and neither of them tends to be a big phone talker. We e-mail sometimes, and we gab when we see each other, but we don't call each other to chat.

Much different from my husband who doesn't just "not talk" to his brother...they are actually "not speaking." That I think is far weirder, although in their case it's probably for the best.
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I don't talk to my sister very often, and when I visit in Colorado she will say something about going out for drinks or visiting again before I leave but usually finds some reason (or more usually, no reason at all) to not do so. I am too nerdy for her and cramp her style. She is seven years older than I am and for some reason has always had a weird rivalry with me which I do not reciprocate. We've got each other's back in bad situations, but otherwise we aren't close at all.

I hear from my husband's youngest sister more often. She is only a few months older than I am. Well in the strict chronological sense anyway. She usually comes to me for advice and then gets mad when I don't tell her what she wants to hear.
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I have three brothers, who all live on the other side of the country from me. I talk to my oldest brother almost every day; nothing special, we just chat about the stock market, or his horses, or politics. We both have Verizon Wireless, so it costs nothing. I haven't seen him in person for over two years. The other two, maybe once a month or so. Emails more often though.
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I talk to my brother (1 year younger) on the phone every couple of months or so. We were very close as kids and grew apart in high school and further apart going off to college. When I went back to school after a break, I deliberately chose the same school my brother was attending for grad school. I knew if I didn't make a concious effort to be part of his life, we would continue to drift farther and farther apart and have absolutely nothing in common.

Then brother go engaged to one of my friends, moved off, and got married. I wasn't prepared for how big a change marriage would be and how much it would change our relationship. He'd always had various girlfriends but a wife is a whole different thing. There doesn't seem to be much room for me anymore.

Recently, he and my sister-in-law have talked about moving back to Austin. At first I was excited but, from phone conversations, I've realized that we're now in completely different places in our lives. He's married with a kid and believes that family means certain choices like giving up hobbies, etc. Plus he's come into some money so he feels obligated to buy in a very expensive community as if a perfectly acceptable middle class lifestyle would some how mean he's putting his kid at a disadvantage. So, even if he does wind up moving here, we're probably not going to be close.

On the other hand, my mom has two sisters and a brother and they talk on the phone weekly and get together frequently. But they are all at similar stages in their lives. I think that may have a lot to do with it; if your lives have diverged a lot, it's hard to find things to talk about.

Sorry to ramble so much, this thread is an opportunity to put into words a lot of things I've been thinking about lately.
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I have three brothers, one in the same city, the other two also on the west coast. We talk on the phone at least once a week or two, email every few days...but we've all always been close. I see San Diego bro once every week or this thread, it sounds like I'm unusual...
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I talk to my twin sister at least 3 times a day and we IM during work. She lives 200 miles away. I talk to my brother when I see him a family gatherings maybe 3 - 5 times a year. He lives a little closer than my sister but not close close. He's 3 1/2 years younger than me. I see my half-sister, 17 years younger, who lives 10 minutes away about twice a month. It was less before she had a baby.
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The one I'm close to, once every two months. The two I'm not close to, never.
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I speak to mine rarely enough that when my sister called me out of the blue several weeks ago, my immediate thought was that someone must have died.
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I don't think it's weird at all. Then again, I only speak to one of my relatives, my youngest brother. We never had a relationship growing up in Ontario, mainly due to age difference. He has lived in Vancouver for about 20 years. We have grown into friends since I moved to Florida and got a life. He came to my wedding, and we talk on MSN just about every day, and have for about 10 years. Occasionally, I'll get a tidbit of information about other family members, but that's its own can of worms.

My sister never communicates with me at all. I haven't seen her in 10 years, nor even a picture of the son she had a few years ago. I don't even know who she is married to now. She and my other brother had a falling out some years ago. I don't know whether they are back on speaking terms or not. I had a falling out with him as well, due to the 180 degrees his personality has turned around in the last decade. I have no contact with any other relatives. I have aunts and uncles and cousins I haven't seen in up to 40 years. They have kids I've never seen.

It was probably the death of our parents that blew up the family for good. We lived through a lot of trauma growing up, and it made relationships that were tenuous to begin with, fall apart with no obvious reason to continue them.
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Originally Posted by Litoris
Awwwww, you love me? *suddenly has a case of the vapors*
Yes, but I love all of you equally.

And I've got the penicillin shots to prove it.
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I have one sister and one brother. I haven't spoken to my brother in 14 years and don't have any desire to. He is a bad person.

I do speak to my sister every few weeks or so. But, I'm always the one who calls her. I have been busy since Thanksgiving and hadn't spoken to her until this past weekend. She called and asked if I was okay. It's a fairly one sided attempt to keep in touch.

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Hmm, my brother 4 years younger and I were close as kids, grew apart when I left for university. I lived out of town a few years, and he would come and visit, but when we arent in the same town, we kind of drift apart.
We both did stints of living at home with the parents in our mid/late 20's while we back to school, and did hang out a bit at home late night, talking etc. Later we both lived in Vancouver and we saw each other maybe every month or so, talked on the phone a bit more often than that.
Are we close? Distance no, age not really, emotionally, definitely. He's great with my son, when there's a family emergency he relies on me to cut through my Dad's hyperbole and my mother's understatement for the truth. I talked to him around Christmas, I will call him next week on his birthday, but after that it will be a few months before we are in touch again. He has email, but doesnt really check it, and I cant be bothered much with text messaging, although when I had it we kept in closer contact. I plan to move eventually and be closer to him, but again, we are very different people with different lives.
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One brother I only speak to about twice a year, on his birthday and Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The other brother is a bit more often, but only every 3 or 4 months.

I wish we were closer, but neither of them is particularly good at keeping in touch. I'm kind of resentful that neither has been to visit me since I moved away from home 7 1/2 years ago. They'll be here for my wedding, though.

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I guess I'm rare in the thread too. I see one of my brothers almost every day. I see the other brother less frequently; he lives in another city, but we get together several times a year, plus holidays. My younger sisters are still young and be-bopping around finding themselves, and one has moved to Chicago, so I don't see them as much, but I never forsee them passing out of my life because "we have nothing in common." We love each other and I'm interested in what interests them. We'll always have something in common!
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I have one sister who's 4 years older than I am. We talk on the phone 3-4 times a week, and email a lot. Neither of us has a lot of friends or does much socializing - I don't mean that in a "poor pitiful us" way. It's an observation. We also have very similar tastes and senses of humor. She is keenly interested in my son and will ask about whatever his current activity is.

Also, if she didn't have a cell phone I don't think we'd talk as often. She has a v-e-r-y long commute and those 3-4 calls per week occur when she's waiting for the second mode of transportation. The calls only last 5-10 minutes.

Much of what we share in these calls and messages is recommendations for things to read or watch, or recipes.

My mother, by contrast, talks to her brother once a twice a year. Less now that there's caller ID - but she hear's his voice on her answering machine about that often. They do not share any common interests and have remarkably different personalities. His wife, on the other hand has two sisters she speaks to about once a month.
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Between my parents' divorce and subsequent remarriages, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of a half dozen siblings, half-siblings and step-siblings. I go years between speaking to most of them but it's not because of any strained relationships. I just don't have that much in common with them.

The lone exception is my youngest half brother. Even though he's 10 years younger than I am, we have a lot in common and hang out together pretty often. I talk to him at least once a week.

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My wife talks with her sister easily ten times a week. Usually I'll participate in a couple of those. I love her dearly, she's just a doll.

I've two sisters myself. Older sis and I will call maybe once a month or so. Gawd she cracks me up. The younger and I haven't talked on the phone in ten years because she's... you know... a bitch.
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I have one brother, two years younger, who lives about 2 miles away from me and to whom I speak maybe once every three months. Although we have many interests in common, we have never gotten along, and to be honest, I think if our family life had been less stable, he would be a sociopath. He's very charming (to people other than me and our parents), lacks a conscience, and cannot empathize with anyone. And to include his point of view, he thinks I'm neurotic and in need of professional help. (I disagree.) So neither one of us respects the other, and we can be civil to each other only for a very short period at a time.

Maybe one day things will change, but I don't hold my breath.

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What Exit? What Exit? is offline
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I talked to my Brother last night and I was at his place on Sunday. I talked to my oldest sister on Saturday and my other sister last Tuesday. A week very rarely goes by where I have not talked to one of my siblings.

My family is very close, my brother is one of my best friends. He was also my best man. My sisters are great people.

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Flutterby Flutterby is offline
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I talk to my brother reasonably often. We aren't great friends, but we get along well.

Most of the time I talk with him because my Mom called and I'm around. It's generally 'How're you doing? What's new? Not much here either." When we are face to face we talk more, but that's only a couple times a year because he travels around the province for work though rarely in our direction.

If it weren't for Mom calling him all the time, I'd probably talk to him every few months. That's about the normal for me.
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Helen's Eidolon Helen's Eidolon is offline
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My brother (two years younger) and I are in pretty good contact - we email, IM, or chat on the phone for a few minutes several times per week when I'm at school. When I'm home I see him a few times a week - usually when I'm over at my parents' house (he still lives there), but we also see each other socially every week or two. The two of us, plus our significant others get together to play board games, or see a movie, or go to dinner. He and I share tons of interests, and he can make me laugh like no one else.

This is certainly what's normal in my family. My parents have three couples that form their core social group - my maternal uncle and his wife, my paternal aunt and her husband, and a third couple. I know my experience isn't universal, though, and I wouldn't consider you 'weird'.
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Attack from the 3rd dimension Attack from the 3rd dimension is offline
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My eldest brother is a bit of a recluse. I talk to his wife occasionally, and then he'll suddenly be on the phone for a solid minute and then disappear. He's great, and one of the funniest people I know, but as he gets older he gets more insular.

Brother number two is also funny as hell, and one of the most decent people I know. I occasionally get emails about his projects, and since he's a doper, I know his opinions about the allied victory in europe, the relationship between craziness and hotness and the cooler of death. So that's cool.

My sister is a lot like me, but without the emotional governor. I adore her, but I can't take much of the raw emotional stuff. I think we have a relationship kind of like the one between Humans and Vulcans. So we email occasionally.

Unfortunately, they're all over 5000 miles away, but that will change next year. Ms. Attack doesn't understand why we don't communicate more, and, frankly, neither do I. I think its the fact that each lapse would require doing something to overcome, and the inertia, plus the thought of a conversation that ends with "we should do this more often", is more than I can take. I'm not sure that they all communicate, and they all live in the same area. If not for the CC function on email, we'd probably have to phone.

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My younger sister - at least once a fortnight.
My older brother - three or four times a year.

Neither lives in Sydney. But as it happens both will be in town with their families tomorrow and so we're all meeting up for the afternoon.
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threnodyangelfire threnodyangelfire is offline
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I adore my brother and he lives in the same town. We talk by email kind of daily and on phone fortnightly-ish. We probably swing dinner once every couple of months.


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