Siblings In Your Family

Just curious as to how many siblings, if any, you grew up with in your family.

This will be a poll, and I am sure there will be exceptions, but by siblings I do include anyone who might have been adopted or perhaps some cousin who grew up mostly living in your home. I would not include perhaps a sibling who died as an infant.

Feel free to elaborate if you wish.

I have two younger brothers and two stepbrothers that I got in high school. I only count my two biological brothers as ‘real’ brothers though despite the protests of my mother that she has five sons. No, it doesn’t work that way in my world and only one ever lived with us for any length of time.

I am the oldest of three boys.

All of the above?

I was born an only child, but my Mom remarried a few times with people who had kids, so I had some siblings to some degree at one point or another. During the longest stretch of time I had two younger sisters and a brother during the summer and on weekends, and shared my room with the girls when they were there. Also, my Aunt and Uncle were only 4 and 5 years older than me and we grew up together very much like siblings. I also have a half sister but I saw her very rarely before she was put into foster care.

My personality is very much like that of an only child.

Three older sisters and one older brother. I’m da baby!

I’m second in a family of six daughters.

My mother was thrilled to finally have a boy in the family when I had my first son. Now that I’ve got four boys, the novelty seems to have worn off for her some.

I was an only child, but got two step-brothers relatively young ( around 3rd grade for me unofficially, around 5th or 6th legally ) - one roughly my age, one two years older . We shared a household from 8th grade on. I do consider them siblings for all intents and purposes and we get along fine, but don’t hang out together much except for the occasional holiday and other random events. Nobody in my family does, really. We’re an easy-going but unusually insular bunch.

I briefly had one much younger step-sister, but never lived with or spent that much time with her and that particular marriage ended in disaster, so she dropped out of my life.

Three boys and three girls in my family. The Brady Bunch ideal. We also had three lefties and three righties, which was nice for dinner table seating.

Four altogether, but not at the same time. I’m the eldest son, then came a brother and a sister. My brother died at age 9, and my youngest sister was born 18 months later.

Why no “two girls, two boys” selection? It’s what our family was (and still is, although we’re all in our 40s now and living some distance apart). But I couldn’t select “more” since there are other 4-child configurations listed.

Hmm…guess my brain wasn’t working all that well when I created the poll…I thought I had all bases covered up to four kids. Oh well…you at least fit in the “other” - meaning what I stupidly forgot to add. Apologies.

Two kids in my family, me and my younger (by 5 years) brother.

Girl, boy, boy…each 2 years apart.
Then a ‘whoopsie’ baby girl, 4 years after the last.

So I finally got my baby sister…and by that time I was old enough that I basically raised her. Little shit head. :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost 1/3 reporting more, you gave up on combos too early. :wink:

Three boys, then two girls in my family, including me.

Myself (boy) and my sister (3 1/2 years younger). I suspect that my parents were originally considering having more kids, but my mother has thyroid disease, which apparently got worse after she had my sister – they may have been advised by a doctor to stop at the two.

There’s me (girl) and my brother, who is 26 months younger.

It worked out kind of funny in my family. I have two aunts with kids (my dad was an only child). One aunt has two boys, the other has two girls. Then there’s me and my brother. So the 6 cousins split nice and even.

My parents planned for 2 kids regardless of gender and were pleasantly surprised to get one of each.

I’m the third of five girls. My youngest sister died of cancer when she was four years old. I’m never sure how to answer the “How many siblings?” question (maybe a simple, “Three or four” would work).

I grew up with an older brother and an older sister. Both are about 10 years older than me.

It wasn’t until fairly late in childhood that I fully understood that they were from my mother’s first marriage, which finally explained to me why they had some cousins and I had some cousins and we had some cousins.

4 boys 1 girl

Girl is the baby, I’m the middle child.

(BTW, I’m adopted and I was my bio parent’s 1st child)

I have a brother and a sister, but they are 17 and 19 years older than me. My sister was married when I was still a baby, and my brother when I was four, so I grew basically grew up as an only child, so that’s what I picked in the poll.

Two girls, one boy.

My sister and I are just 3 yrs apart. Then my mom decided she needed to give it one more try for a boy, so 8 years after my sister, we ended up with a brother.