What's Your Birth Ordinance?

Just curious if there’s any pattern or plurality to Dopers, either as a whole or as subcategories (conservative/liberal, religious/irreligious, gay/straight, etc.).
I’m the youngest child/second son of three children.

I’m my dad’s youngest, my mom’s middle, and the only son.

Dad’s second, Mom’s first. And only.

I’m the youngest. Dad’s 4th child and third girl, and my mom’s second child and only daughter.

I’m both of my parents only child/daughter.

3 of 5 children. Yay middles!

2nd of 4 daughters.

Oh, same Mom & Dad for all 5 kids.

Youngest of three, second daughter.

Man, I hate fielding this question IRL. It should be so simple, but it just isn’t.

I’m the only child of my biological parents. However, I have two stepbrothers who have been part of my life and my parents’ life since before my birth - they are the biological children of the woman who was my mother’s best friend and later became my stepmother. (Very Springeresque.) My bio-mom babysat the boys a lot when they were little, before and after I was born. When I was 6, their mom married my dad, and I lived with them during the summers, but not during the school year.

So I’m an only child with two older brothers. Or something.

To limit it to parents:

Oldest child, first of two for father and only son, first of three for mother and first son.

Older sis, me, younger bro.

Sis is older by 2.5 years and bro younger by 9 years. I never really got the whole story of whether he was a “whoops at the end” or if they changed their mind about having just two or what.

Youngest of three girls, and there’s a 7 and 8 year age difference between me and my sisters.
Same parents for all of us.

Older of 2 males by a little over 3 years.

Oldest of two. I have a younger brother.

Middle child of three. Both parents only children.

I’m my mum’s only child and the eldest of my dad’s three children (all sons).

(Growing up, I identified as an only child, but nowadays I see myself as the eldest of three.)

Third girl of five girls. Same parents for all.

ETA: I agree with WhyNot - this question can be made very difficult. I am from a family of five girls, but I have three sisters because our youngest sister died at four years old. I am never sure how to answer the question of how many kids in my family - I always have to kind of figure out if they mean how many I have now, or how many were born to my parents. I’m always a little concerned that people think I’m lying about my family - “You said you have three sisters, but now you’re saying four sisters. What gives?”

Only child.

However I have had two step-brothers ( one roughly my age, the other two years older ) since I was in 6th grade and I grew up with them in the same household from a little before 8th grade on and into my first couple of years of college. Briefly a much younger step-sister, but that was a quickly and disastrously failed marriage and nobody stayed in touch.

Oldest of 4. (my moms first, her 2nd is my stepdads first)

Oldest of two by six years.

Oldest of two. My brother is the good one. But I didn’t own any ordinance at birth. Wasn’t given so much as a bb gun until I was 4, and no shotgun until I was 10.