How much older are you parents to you?

And you were child no#?

Me: Father 32 years, mother 27. First for each.

40 and 43 years older. Fourth child.

I was my parents’ first child; when I was born, my dad was 34 and my mom was 31. They’d been married for three years.

Father 28; mother 26. Second child.

Parents both 36 at my birth, 2nd child. My parents are both gone now, which gives me pause. I was 39 when child #2 arrived for me.

Father 29 Mother 28. First “successful” child, but there was a miscarriage before.

I was their second child, Father 34, Mother 18.

I’m an only child. Mother and father were 25 when I was born.

Firstborn - Mom had just turned 20, Dad turned 24 a month later.

I was 31 when my only child was born.

Both my parents are 18 years older. First child of four.

Dad was 46, mom was 38. Last of five kids, and a bonus baby.

I am my Mom’s first child and my Dad’s sixth.

Mom was 34 and Dad was 64 when I was born. My brother came three years later.

I was just turned 17 when my oldest was born (34 days from my birthday to his).

First child. My mother was 21, my father 25.

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2nd child.

Dad, 32 years older.

Mom, 31 years older.

My parents were 35 when I was born, the distant third child and, I’m sure, an accident. That was old to have a child back in the 40s, without the medical care of today.

My dad turned 26 the year I was born (about six months after). My mom turned 24 nine days before I was born.

First for my mom, when she was 21; 3rd for my dad, when he was 28.

Dad 34, Mom 31.

Me, too, to all of the above.