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In response to Cecil's reply to the question regarding the torture of civets, I wish to point out that English perfumer F.V.Wells has commented that it was not necessary to "torture" the animal to obtain its civet paste. He says- "One of us (F.V.Wells) posseses a sample of civet obtained- by very gentle treatment, incidentally- from a healthy male civet cat kept in captivity in one of the world's most famous zoos. This civet has only a faint suggestion of skatole and has much more in common with civettone". [Perfume Technology by F.V.Wells & Marcel Billot,1981]

Which leads me to my point- it seems a general conclusion that because the civet paste comes from around the rear end area of the animal that it must nescessarily pong! This is a misconception. I am a perfumer and use civet in my compositions. It is a very important ingredient, not only for its fixative power but also because of the innate odour. It has the ability to enhance and "propell" a fragrance besides fixation. I think it smells wonderful! In fact, in centuries past people, mainly men, wore civet straight & uncut as a perfume!I should say at this point that we use artificial civet compounds from various perfume houses. However a French perfume supplier once gave a small phial of pure natural civette from the animal, and this was divine! I use it only in the most precious perfumes and am, unfortunately, gradually phasing it out because of the supposed cruelty involved in its production. Yet I wish I could still use natural civet because the results are astounding!

So, far from stinking like a skunk, civet is a very attractive odour- ON DILUTION!!!!!

Also, the original questionner stated that he/she belived that civet was a "major ingredient" in Chanel No.5 perfume. Hardly! Civet is an important note in that fragrance, but hardly a "major ingredient"!!!
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Quick -- before the mods get here and say, "Oh, no, not another post with no link to the article!":


Oh, and welcome to the SDMB, Thoth-Hermes93. Cool name. Bye. Gotta go.
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Hi Ice Wolf

Hey! Thanx dude!
How d'y'do that? Link the post to the article?
Gladya like my Nom'du 'Net!
Well, wadya think of the smell of CIVET?!
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Dunno if I've actually smelled Civet when someone's around to tell me that's what I'm smellin'. 'Course, I hear there are some chemical elements of the scent used in perfumes, so -- ya never know.

How'd I get the link? Go to the article (I did a "search archives" on the Straight Dope Homepage, just to be sure). Click on the page's URL address in the address bar, the paste it back in the post, leaving a space around the address as the mods keep tellin folk to do around here.

Alternatively, you could use the formula {url="URLAddressCut&Pasted"}showing words instead of a URL{/url}, with square brackets instead of the curved ones, the URL in the quote marks, and your own words between the brackets which ends up being the link appearing in the post.

Hope this helps.


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