Is Chanel #5 really made from cat sweat?

I have heard this for as long as I can remember (and even read it in a book somewhere) that a major ingredient of Chanel #5 perfume is the sweaty excretions of the Abbisinian Civet cat. I have even heard that they stretch these cats out on some type of medieval rack, and whip them mercilessly to make them sweat more. The Straight Dope, please, Cecil.

The civet isn’t really a cat, and it’s not the sweat that is used. It’s actually the musky substance that is “extracted” from their perineal gland near the base of their tail. It used to be used as a fixative in perfumes. A fixative is used mainly to prolong the duration of the perfumes scent, although they do have a scent of their own.

Another common fixative was ambergris. It’s sort of a sperm whale’s version of a furball. They eat mostly cuttlefish, which have sharp beaks that irritate the whale’s stomach. The whale’s body produces ambergris to counteract this. It can be obtained by opening the whale or just waiting until the whale “tosses his cookies”.

I’m guessing that no American company uses either of these ingredients today, as suitable synthetics exist. They are possibly still used by companies in countries where this practice doesn’t seem to offend the senses.

Although perfume ingredients are a trade secret, Chanel No. 5 is actually more famous for it’s use of synthetics, i.e. aldehydes.

The Other Master (i.e. Shakespeare) touched on this point:

A recent Cecil collumn touches on this subject.

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Morrison - Daemon explains at this thread: Cecil used my Question today!

For the truth behind feline persperation, extensive research was performed on the effects of cat sweat, and the most efficient means of extraction by Mr. Oliver Wendell Jones and Mr. Milo Bloom. Great stuff until it was made illegal.


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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m almost sure we learned in biology that dogs and cats pant when it’s hot out because they have no sweat glands.

Maybe, elfkin477, but does that apply to cloned undead cats with brain transplants?