007 trivia

The movie “Never Say Never Again” is clearly a reworking of the film “Thunderball”, replete with Connery’s return, and quite a few name actors (Von Sydow, Atkinson, Brandauer, etc…)

How did that work, at the time when Moore and Co. had the rights ? Is this related to the old suit over the rights to the “Thunderball” script ?

What strikes me is the difference in age between 007 and his leading lady.
In the first movie Ursla Andress was 6 years younger than Sean Connery. In the latest Dennise Richards is 20 years younger than Pierce Brosnan.
How soon before these films are illegal?

The producer of “Never Say Never again” collaborated with Bond creator Ian Fleming on a “Thunderball” script back in 1960 before any 007 movies had actually been made. He apparently secured some rights to the story at the same time. Unfortuantely he didn’t execize these rights until another producer (Brocoli and Whosit???) had already made twelve 007 films, including “Thunderball”!

I’ve read that this same guy (I don’t remember his name) is trying to rework the story for another “unofficial” T-Ball remake.

From the Internet Movie Database:

and (from Thunderball):

So, evidently, McClory bought the rights from Fleming, and wrote Thunderball for Broccoli. Since the movie had little to do with the book, McClory – who evidently still held the rights – could make a second movie based on the book.

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Solved ! Thanks y’all.