Recast a classic movie to make it terrible

If you could recast a classic movie using any actors past or present in order to ruin it as completely as possible, who would you choose?

Example: Star Wars, with…

Matthew McConaughey as Han Solo
Mel Gibson as Darth Vader
Wanda Sykes as Princess Leia
Ronald Reagan as Obi-Wan
and Joe Pesci as Luke Skywalker.


Keanu Reeves as Rick
Kate Capshaw as Ilsa
Chris tucker as Sam
Rob Schneider as Louis
Vincent D’Onofrio as Victor

Predator, starring…

Jon Heder as Dutch
Steve Buscemi as Dillon
Robert Downey Jr. as Blain
Billy Dee Williams as Mac
Bob Saget as Hawkins
Richard Dreyfuss as Ramirez
Marisa Tomei as Anna
The Crying Indian as Billy
Danny DeVito as The Predator

Vince Vaughn … Norman Bates

Anne Heche	... 	Marion Crane

Julianne Moore	... 	Lila Crane

Viggo Mortensen	... 	Samuel 'Sam' Loomis

William H. Macy	... 	Milton Arbogast

Robert Forster	... 	Dr. Fred Simon

Philip Baker Hall	... 	Sheriff Al Chambers

Star Wars (1939 version)

Luke Skywalker - Mickey Rooney

Princess Leia - Judy Garland

Han Solo - Buster Crabbe

Obi Wan - Wallace Beery

Chewbacca - Lon Chaney Jr

C3PO - Jack Haley

R2D2 - Billy Barty

Darth Vader - Bela Lugosi

Gone with the Wind
Rhett Butler – Jim Carrey
Scarlett O’Hara – Drew Barrymore

Gone With The Wind:

Pee Wee Herman – Rhett Butler
Paris Hilton – Scarlett O’Hara

Hmm, I think the above will suffice.

<<Edited to add: SHoulda done preview, RealityChuck. Heh, heh>>

Gone with the Wind

Scarlett O’Hara --Jennifer Lopez
Ashley Wilkes – Johnny Depp
Rhett Butler – Tom Cruise

**Gone with the Wind **(This really needs its own thread.)

Scarlett O’Hara: Roseanne
Rhett Butler: Gary Coleman
Ashley Wilkes: Carrot Top
Melanie: Fran Drescher
Mammy: Wanda Sykes

Danny DeVito as Jack
Rosie Perez as Rose
Steven Seagal as Cal

I see what you did there. :dubious:

The African Queen starring Paris Hilton
Annie Hall starring Paris Hilton
The Big Sleep starring Paris Hilton
Bonnie and Clyde starring Paris Hilton
Casablanca starring Paris Hilton
It’s a Wonderful Life starring Paris Hilton
**Notorious **starring Paris Hilton
Rear Window starring Paris Hilton
The Searchers starring Paris Hilton
To Kill A Mockingbird starring Paris Hilton

Need I go on?

Gilbert Gottfried as the VOICE of Darth Vader

ya know, this might not be too bad… :smiley:

Arsenic and Old Lace

Eddie Murphy as …Mortimer Brewster
Britteny Spears as …Elaine Harper
William H. Macy as …Jonathan Brewster
Lucy Lawless as …O’Hara
Steve Buscemi as …Mr. Witherspoon
Chris Rock as …Dr. Einstein
Carrot Top as …Lt. Rooney
Candice Bergen as …Abby Brewster
Julia Roberts as …Martha Brewster
Nicholas Cage as …‘Teddy Roosevelt’ Brewster

The Thin Man

Nick Charles … Vincent D’Onofrio
Nora Charles … Amanda Plummer

Annie Hall, starring Vin Diesel and Renee Zellweger.

The Godfather

Don Vito Corleone - Danny DeVito
Michael - Matt LeBlanc
Sonny - Ben Stiller
Fredo - Jack Black
Tom - Will Ferrell


Elwood P. Dowd: Al Pacino

That wouldn’t be all bad. The tollbooth scene would be a real crowd-pleaser.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Khan - Hank Azaria (as he was in The Birdcage)
Joachim - Peter MacNicol
Saavik - Carol Burnett
Carol - Shelley Winters
David - Jack Black