$1,300,000,000. You gonna play? (powerball)

That’s an obscene amount of money, and it really needs to go to a doper. You going to invest 2 bucks in it?


WTF, it’s only 2 bucks, and I realize it’s a suckers bet, but If I win, I’m buying an island somewhere and you’re all invited for some beer and wings.

I’ve actually never played… but for a billion, I might just throw in my $2 this time.

If I can find an office pool I will put in enough that my one-time share after taxes is $10 million, because it is a positive expected value, but one that I would not play for more than $10 million because the extra money over that is not worth as much to me because I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

We bought 10 tickets today and hid them away because we have a paper-eating cat. :smiley: My husband my buy into his office pool also. What the heck…

Yep. Hope springs eternal.

Well, yeah. I don’t play the lottery when it’s a paltry $10m but I’ll throw a couple bucks at it now.

Yup, I already wasted money on the last two drawings and I want a chance less than my getting hit by lightning before the next drawing to get my money back.

Besides, it’s fun. I can’t imagine any other way I’d become a billionaire overnight.

Well, you could sell Grit

I’m already in for $2

gambling is degeneracy

Think of all the degeneracy I could enjoy with $1.3 billion. I’m in.

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It’s a good bet when the jackpot is that high.

I don’t have the money to waste.

I will help you with the burden of spending all that money, should it become necessary.

I’ll pick up an extra ticket for you.

I’m buying in to the pool at work. No way I’m gonna chance my co-workers hitting it big and leaving me behind.

If we win, I plan to go full Howard Hughes. I’m practically the poor man’s Howard Hughes as it is.

Money foolishly spent, but I am in for $ 10.

I knew there was a reason I love gambling.

I’m in for $20.

If I’m gonna be degenerate, I want it to involve lots of sex. :slight_smile:

At any rate, I don’t want a billion bucks. Or even a hundred million. Amounts like that would be an earthquake in my life. What I need is to be part of a fairly large pool (~100 people, give or take) that will split any winnings in proportion to how many tickets you contributed, but I don’t know of one, unfortunately. I wouldn’t mind having a shot at $10M or so, at these odds.