$1,300,000,000. You gonna play? (powerball)

First time player. I bought ten. If I break even, I’ll be happy.

To those seeking to rationalize, the expected value of the bet is not significantly better than at a lower payout. After taxes and taking into account the likelihood of a split payout, it’s still a slightly negative expected value.

Of course, if your fantasies of winning are worth more to you when there’s a higher jackpot, that could change the equation. But I have to admit that my $500 million fantasies are pretty similar to my $1.3 billion fantasies.

You are clearly forgetting the power of being able to say, “Sure! I’ll take two of 'em!”

If I buy ten tickets with the same set of numbers on all, and it wins, I get ten shares of the win, right? This is gonna be good.
j/k, I will let the machine pick randomly

If I calculated this right, if you buy the lottery, you get the jackpot plus an additional $93,466,048 for the winning, non-jackpot tickets:

Numbers    occur      Power Match    Non-power    Payout
matched	count      value          ball (*25)	
0          7,624,512   $          4  $        0   $ 30,498,048
1          3,176,880   $          4  $        0   $ 12,707,520
2            416,640   $          7  $        0   $  2,916,480
3             20,160   $        100  $        7   $  5,544,000
4                320   $     50,000  $      100   $ 16,800,000
5                  1   $800,000,000  $1,000,000   $825,000,000
          ----------                              ------------  
Totals    11,238,513                              $893,466,048

You’re taxed on the non-jackpot, but no annuity reduction.

And I’m a degenerate. Already got our ticket.

Bought my ticket! I figure I’ll get $2 worth of fun fantasizing about winning until tomorrow night.

playing for the first time since it’s worth a billion

If I win I am going to the bunny ranch on nevada ave;)

I had a couple scratch-off thingies I was given for my birthday in the summer. I used the $6 from those to buy three Powerball tix. Why not.

Whoa, I won! Bought 5 tickets, and 1 of them hit 1 number + the Powerball, so I win $4!! Meaning I only lost $6 overall. Sweet deal!

Also, the official Powerball website seems to be crashing repeatedly.

Those numbers look pretty ripe for multiple winners. I’m guessing it’s gonna be split at least three way. We’ll see.

I didn’t realize until today this jackpot has been rolling over since November 7th, and even with all tonight’s sales there were still 15% of number possibilities unpurchased. Will be interested to see how many winners.

I rather wait until tomorrow to find out if I won when I see my coworkers outside doing backflips

I hit the Powerball!!!

#10 Powerball for the win. I wish I could have gotten some others right too but that pays $4 on my $2 ticket. A round of water for everyone is on me. .

If you’re reading this and bought a ticket, but haven’t checked to see if you’ve won yet…and bought your ticket in Chino Hills, CA…you might be in for quite a surprise.

Looks like I called it! :slight_smile: (OK, not that impressive a prediction.)

Only just checked my tickets. Got 2 and the powerball, for a whopping win of $7. (It was an encouraging spread of numbers, too, with all being under 40, and five being under 30). Spent $12 on tickets, though. Oh well.

I was hoping for a lucky #7 powerball, since three of my five quick picks had that number.

(Side note: I’ve noticed when I do multiple QPs on one ticket, I get a lot of the same numbers. I guess I need to start buying single tickets in multiple locations.)

Nah, that’s just normal. While three of five is a little unusual, ff you order five tickets, you have about a 1 in 3 chance of a Powerball being duplicated. Order one more ticket, and it’s about 50-50.