1 out of 70 people believe they've been possessed by Satan?

Someone I used to know (he would shave every hair off his body from time to time, though that really isn’t relevent) was convinced he was the antichrist, though he often talked about how much he loved Jesus :confused: (though that part only came out when he’d had a lot of alcohol).

Some people are just… Messed up.

(watch, he’ll end up with an army in the next few years)

What about the other 69? Are they possessed by lesser demons? Frankly, I’m disappointed in Satan.

Hmmmmm… 6 Billion Humans… Humans Live 75 Years… 1 in 70 Humans posessed… then you’ll have 1142 demonic possessions per yer. A little over 3.1 per day.
I guess Satan is big-time into the possession business. I gotta’ assume being a Dark Lord puts a lot of demands on you, so he’s making a serious commitment to the possession business.

Satan is the divisive mind - 70 out of 70 people are possessed by it.

You’re assuming that, at the end of the day, he stops possessing someone and starts possessing somebody else… what if, at any given time, 1/70th of the world population is possessed?

Just another case of people pointing the finger and not wanting to take responsability for thier own stupid actions.
Can’t blame the government, can’t blame your neighbors, can’t blame your parents, can’t blame society, well then “The Devil made me do it!”

That is a little outdated. The storage capacity of those systems has increased right along with CPU power and HD capacity. The latest ones can house legions of spirits. It can hold more if you use a zip program to compress them.


Hmmmm…1:70 you say?

Looks like the Evil Lord’s army will be massively outnumbered in the Armageddon. What are the odds riding on it? Anyone?

Better be careful with that. Although the most popular compression algorithms, such as LZW and RLE, are considered lossless for most normal data, the peculiar data types used by non-corporeal spirits are unpredictably modified (Merrin & Karras, 1973). Therefore, the spirits cannot be reliably de-compressed with tools like Winzip. The situation is even worse for JPEG and other algorithms.

The only reliable solution is to use the SSSCA method (Srengler & Stantz, 1984).

I remember having read interviews of french catholic exorcists, and at least one of them (IIRC there are two exorcists for the whole country) stated that the wide majority of people who believed they were possessed didn’t have major mental issues (and he didn’t mean that the others were actually possessed : I can’t remember the exact numbers, now but it seems to me that one only met less than a handful of people he believed were really possessed, and the other none at all).

So, I assume that many non schizophrenic people believe they’re possessed. There are a lot of people who believe that the devil is lurking around, ready to jump on unsepecting victims, so they could very well report minor weird phenomenons, mere disturbing feelings or unusual behaviors as a case of demonic possession.

Probably so, but they’ll be a helluva lot more effective at covert ops, because all the get-thee-behind-mes makes it easier for them to sneak around unnoticed.

Only in USA.

Yep, Satan can infect your home computer. See: Sluggy Freelance This is good news for Mac users who have dreamed of running Win95, but thought it was not possible. If anyone wants to attempt this, I recomend having an Alanis Morrisette CD handy in case you change your mind.

umm… from dictionary.com

Once I was repossessed, but I got myself back when I caught up with the payments.

Right, but “illogical patterns of thinking, delusions, and hallucinations” is at least to some extent culturally based. If you live in a culture that thinks demonic possession is normal, than you’re not delusional for believing in it.

I know it’s fun to make your head spin all the way around, but it’s best not to do it in front of the adults. Just a little belated advice from Manduck.

Boy, that list of countries I don’t want to move to just keeps getting longer and longer…

I think Peaseboro’s book may be an urban legend.
No Peasboro in the telephone book

Yeah, they were a weird bunch. They didn’t do that to anyone else but me. And I’ve known all the other kids there for a while, and I was the good one. I’m just glad no one accused me of being a witch, because they probaly would have burned me at the stake.

What’s weird though is, I went to a Catholic Convention thing, and priests prayed over everyone. When they got to me, they said stuff like, “God works through you. You will be used as a tool of God.” So I’m sticking to being Catholic.

Turning your head around is so cliched. I’d rather speak in latin in a deep voice. That’s just cool unto itself.