10,000 posts

Hmmm, yes one year ago July 22nd was whent hey asked when i would strike 10,000:

10,000 posts? Holy Flurking Schnitt!
Ay my current pace, I expect y’all to throw me a 10k post party sometime in the spring of 2041.

I’ll be angry if you don’t.

By that time, Coldfire will be over 100,000, and his Web site will have gained a page or two.

I’ve been using the board since 1997 and I doubt I have done 1000 yet. I have 908(including this post) with this name, on which I have done a majority of posting. Back in the day, I was D8thGuest and I doubt I posted 100 tmies.

10,000 does seem like a lot compared to my impending 1,300.

I was within 2 days of figuring out when Coldfire would get it. That’s right, I’m a genius. Or, rather, I was bored and did a few minutes of calculations (factoring out the Winter of our Lost Content).

At this rate, Guinastasia will be the next to hit 10k, I’m guessing around September 1.

Ha! You should all bow before my mighty, awe-inspiring post count! Give up! You’ll never be as cool as me!

I don’t know, people. Not to be a “newbie wet-blanket” here, but when you consider 10,000 posts in roughly three years, depending on how you do the math with exact dates and all, this works out to more that 9 posts every day on average - day in and day out, 365 days a year.

I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but I:
1.) Don’t have that much time to wait for the SDMB to update…
2.) Don’t spend that much time in front of my PC.

I guess I’ll be forever in the land of low digit posts.

<heavy sigh>

Ah, but TVGuy, Coldfire is also a Mod, not just your run of the mill poster.
As a Mod he may spend endless minutes staring at his monitor and some of his posts may consist of;

“This is MPSIMS, not IMHO, you idiot, off you go!”

“Hey, you goat felcher you, you got a problem with him, take it to the Pit!”

“Dutch jokes are not permitted in this forum, do that again, and your posting priviledges may be nearing an end.”

Hardly thought provoking and time consuming posts.


[sub]handy is another thing altogether[/sub]

It’s even more astounding when you consider that each of his posts is written in Dutch and then translated into English before they appear in the thread.

He’d have made 10,000 a long time ago if it weren’t for the Great Board Crash. I have hit 5,000 twice now.

Actually, I use Latin as a middle translation. Dutch and English don’t communicate well directly. :slight_smile:

Holy cow, I missed it!

Congrats on 10,059 wonderful posts, my friend.

We are very lucky to have you around these parts.

Much Love,