10,000 posts

When Coldfire hits 10,000 posts, will he be the 2nd or 3rd Doper to do this?
[sub]Coldy currently has around 9985[/sub]

Handy passed this milestone nearly a year ago, has anybody done so since then?


2nd. Guinistasia will be the 3rd, I believe.

a) Only if Flamsterette_X doesn’t get there first

or, more seriously;

b) Isn’t tracer up there too?

Glad I wasnt the only one that noticed Flam X’s insane posting speed.

I think David B. is pretty high. We laughed once cause we never see each other’s posts…

Sorry, tavalla and World Eater: there is no way I will get to 10,000 posts before (for example) tracer, Guinastasia, or Coldfire. Thanks for thinking of me, though! :slight_smile:


I imagine I could extrapolate it from your posts per day, but that would give me a headache. Suffice to say you will get there before I do, and lets leave it at that. :wink:

Believe me, that would give me a headache, too. Math and I do not generally get along. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we? :wink:


When Coldfire gets his 10,000th, do you think he will crown himself ‘King of the SDMB’ for a day?

Or has he aldeady?

Sometimes when I am driving around in the sunshine, I think of Dopers feverishly posting! :cool:

Carry on…

I plan to reach 200 posts some time before August. Go me! :smiley:

Hey, I’ll be hitting triple digits here soon. At my feverish post rate of less than half a post a day, I might be there by next month. :rolleyes:

I’m at 95 or so at the time of posting.

I was posting like a school girl on crack before the big crash of 2002. After being away for so long though I came back somewhat sheepish and at the rate I’m going now I doubt I’ll ever reach 2,000, much less 10,000. It’s funny though, I have no idea what my post count is now, the only time I ever paid attention to it at all was when I was coming up on 100. When I first started lurking here, long before I ever registered, I was completely :eek:'ed at people that had post counts over 300. So, ummm, in conclusion, I have absolutely nothing to add to this thread. So long, suckers! :cool:

I just noticed that Coldfire has been posting around this morning and is at about 9996…

Maybe I’ll pull a “handy” and stop at 9999 for about three weeks.

Oh, alright. So here it is.


It’s just a number, right?

Ye gads. I feel so inadequate. :smiley:

Congrats, I guess. :wink:

Yeah, but how much is that in metric?

Congrats anyway. Certainly the highest total of quality posts. :slight_smile:

“Maybe I’ll pull a “handy” and stop at 9999 for about three weeks.”

That was a lot of fun, threw off all the bets on when I would reach 10,000.

I was looking forward to my 100th post as a distraction from my otherwise mundane and meaningless life, but it has been overshadowed by you 5-figurers. I shall throw my own party in my honour then.

Raises keyboard and waves to crowd in poncy cricket type way