How many 10,000+ posters will post to this thread?



Ane effort to hobnob with the Dope Elite?

Dunno, but I wanted to see how many posters with 10k+ posts under their belts will post to this thread.



Prob’ly should spell check before I invite the elders in…


Not me.

I’ve only seen a couple of Dopers with those numbers - but, at my posting rate, I should be there in about one year.

I’ll post back here in ten years or so.

I would, but I don’t want to risk hitting 70 posts before I’m ready. Wouldn’t want to lose the 0.05 posts per day average I’ve got going.

I predict three.

I’ll say two.

If I can find somebody with 4500 posts to go in on it with me that’d make one.

I’m one. On a differrent message board though. :slight_smile:


How many of those posters are there to begin with?

Five, that I know of.


And Mangetout. And probably by the time I finish typing this, iampunha.

Blast. I completely misread the OP. Didn’t catch that the 10,000+ refered to post count, rather than raw number of members.

Hey, just think about it this way: those post counts to the left there go up every time you post anywhere on SDMB. So even though your count may have yet to roll over to 10000, the longer this thread stays active the higher your count can appear in this thread. It’s like you get to watch the future unfold, as if that won’t happen anyway.

FWIW mine was 453 before I posted this.

Libertarian’s in the 10K club, with around 12,500 posts right now.

Last I checked, iampunha was 17 posts away from the big 10K. So maybe by the end of the day…


Gives me something to shoot for.