Another look at "active users" at SDMB

Rather than add more complications to the current thread What happened to some of the more prominent posters? which was started 11-19-2011, 10:30 PM by Uncommon Sense – and to which I contributed this post, this post, this post, and this post – I’ve started this thread to investigate (with your assistance) another aspect of the basic issue.

(For background, you might wish to look at Calling Zeldar, or any other statisticians: how many of us are there? which was started 03-16-2010, 10:41 AM by NineToTheSky and which goes into quit a bit of detail on the same issue.)

But the main purpose of this thread is to collect as much personal detail as you are willing to share about your own “Join Date” and the people who share that same date and who are still active here.

Here’s a procedure you can use to supply what I’m asking for:

  1. Find your User Number (mine happens to be Straight Dope Message Board - Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. ) where you can see your User Profile and such things as

Last Activity: Today 10:28 AM
Total Posts: 14,569
Posts Per Day: 4.73
Join Date: 06-18-2003

  1. Adjust the URL “u=” (in my case 36386) number up and down until you find the range of User Numbers for the Join Date when you joined. My own range is from

Mister Rik
Charter Member
Last Activity: Today 12:51 AM
Total Posts: 7,983
Posts Per Day: 2.59
Join Date: 06-18-2003


Last Activity: 06-19-2003 03:01 PM
Total Posts: 0
Posts Per Day: 0
Join Date: 06-18-2003

+++ (Be aware that you may run across some numbers that will return a message like

I assume those User Numbers have been deleted or disappeared for whatever reason.) +++

Along the way to the extremes of User Numbers that define your “Join Date” make note of the other Active Users in your range. My only other one is

Not Mitch
Last Activity: 08-31-2011 10:42 PM
Total Posts: 3
Posts Per Day: 0.00
Join Date: 06-18-2003

and I assume from that “Last Activity: 08-31-2011 10:42 PM” that Not Mitch qualifies as “active.”

How you go about sharing your data is of course up to you, but at least share how many numbers are in your Join Date range and who are the Active Users who joined when you did.

Perhaps with enough sets of numbers from you folks we can zoom in on the “active user” count after a few samples. For example, of the 42 User Numbers on my Join Date only three of us can be counted as “active.” A reasonable number of similar statistics ought to let us see what percentage of our

are really “active.”

In any case, this could be fun for a few days!

Okay, mine is abridged. I have a join date of 2nd April 2001.

On that date (besides myself) these luminaries joined. None have been active since 2003 and three of them never posted.

Angelic Succubus
John Reagan
The Chicken Foot.

I feel special now.

Nametag: Member No. 21252, Join Date 04/13/2002

Range: 29 numbers
tauindi 21245
Last Activity: 01-25-2003 01:24 PM
Join Date: 04-13-2002
orpheaum 21275
Last Activity: 04-13-2002 11:01 PM
Join Date: 04-13-2002

Active members:
Granuaile 21246
Last Activity: 10-01-2011 12:04 PM
Join Date: 04-13-2002

levdrakon 21250
Last Activity: Today 10:47 AM
Join Date: 04-13-2002

You can blame me Zeldar. My posting can kill any thread :slight_smile:

Tamex, member no. 8146, joined 7/19/2000

Member numbers that day ranged from 8126-8157

Only other currently active member from that day is 8137 Gregor Samsa, last activity 11/24/2011.

There was another member who hasn’t been back since 2008. Everyone else left years before that…those who stuck it out past 2000 tended to leave in 2003 (is that when we went to pay-to-post? I think so.)

I DO know that feeling! Thanks for posting anyway. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, I guess. Meanwhile, at least Nametag and Tamex see some value in it. Perhaps the joys and pleasures of Thanksgiving have kept other potentially interested members from poking into these arcana. I guess we’ll see.

As for 2003 being a jinx year, that’s when I joined. And I think the P2P thing came later, although I don’t have a good sense of when it did exactly.

It would be a cute piece of trivia if we could locate the DAY when most people joined up. I even tried again to locate the first day of SDMB, and have come up empty. One version would be early 1999, but there’s evidence the real start (on AOL) may be impossible to get precisely. If we ever do get that specific date, we can do a Julian Day calculation as a base number of days to use in the quotient of percentages calculations.

What other trivia could we be trying to determine?

JBDivmstr joined the day before me 6/14/1999 (1458)
Northern Piper joined the day after me. 6/16/1999 (1492)

I’m number 1478, those were the two closest, still active members I could find.

Am I correct in interpreting that nobody else (of the 34 others) from your Join Date is still active?

It’s amusing to note that the ones interested in this thread (so far) are all from the “early days.” Who will break that pattern?

Just to share the contents of my work file for some of the trivia I have already tried to narrow down, and without further elaboration of what it all means, I submit:

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PDAView Full Version : Welcome

03-10-1999, 11:38 PM
Hi, and welcome to the “About This Message Board” forum. Post here if you have comments or questions about how this message board works. But please, read the FAQ ( first, this will answer (we hope) the most commonly asked questions.

Straight Dope Message Board > Main > About This Message Board
#1 03-10-1999, 11:38 PM

Hi, and welcome to the “About This Message Board” forum. Post here if you have comments or questions about how this message board works. But please, read the FAQ first, this will answer (we hope) the most commonly asked questions.

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03-10-1999, 11:25 PM
Hi, folks, and welcome to the “Comment on Cecil’s Columns” folder. Though the Boss is still far from comfortable with this computer thing, we’ve persuaded him to check in periodically to read your comments about his columns, and respond if the spirit moves him. He has this idea that your comments will mostly consist of remarks such as “Nice job, O awesome one.” We are sure no one will disillusion him. Happy posting.

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PDAView Full Version : Semi-What?

03-16-1999, 02:57 PM
My lovely wife and I were driving across the country, and happened to pass a semi. You know what a semi is. I know what a semi is. But what occurred to us at 3 in the morning is that semi is actually a prefix.

So the question became semi-what? I’ve driven a truck (when I was in college), but somehow the fact that you could read was considered enough for your class A license. The finer points of linguistics just didn’t come up.

Any ideas?

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PDAView Full Version : Bye Bye Man of Steel

03-15-1999, 08:17 PM
Well, just received an AP report saying that Kirk Alyn - the first actor to play Superman in ANY format, be it stage, screen or radio - passed away today. It saddens me greatly.

Mind you, I didn’t even know he was still alive. He dropped out of sight completely after Superman II, and even that was only an uncredited cameo that only the most die-hard cult followers of the films even recognize. But still, it’s been a hard couple years for fans of the Man.

Joe Shuster (co-creator, original artist) passed away some time ago, but Jerry Siegel (co-creator, original writer) died just a year or two ago. Arguably his definitive artist, Curt Swan, my personal hero, shuffled off the mortal coil not long ago, following Sheldon Mayer who’d been responsible for bringing Superman to the publisher’s attention in the first place. And then of course, Chris Reeve’s accident a few years back.

It tears me apart that an icon I so adore, which brings me such great joy, seems punctuated by these moments of loss and sadness … and worse that a hero who flies so high and alludes to such great possibilities in the human spirit should be so often touched by this fragile, mortal sadness.

So I’m sad again today. When I go back to my drawing table and put pen to paper, I’m going to find myself staring at the faces of my creations, my renderings, wondering if they will outlive me, and what forms they would take in the hands of others. Hoping I can be proud to have been the integral part of them …

And this weekend, as is tradition when we lose “one of our own,” a bunch of us will gather at my house and talk about all the heroes we’ve lost, and dread the day we lose even more … and toasting in their honor, we’ll remember that one day we too will die, and so we mourn the chinks in our armor of perceived immortality.

There should be a word for the longing created when a representation of your ideals is gone …

Sad, sad, sad Jonny today.

-An epistle most prosaic, courtesy of Calamity Jon.

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03-11-1999, 12:20 AM
Remember all those times we said, “hey, why don’t you take that outside?” Well, here’s where you go. <g>

No, really. This is where you go for all those verbal fistfights. When a thread veers from debate and/or discussion into personal attack, sneering insults, and “Yo Mommas,” y’all should step outside to this thread.

Remember, although AOL’s Terms of Service do not usually apply and we will give you SOME latitude, this is no back alley and you will be expected to be if not civil at least semi-reasonable. Pure evil and/or rants won’t fly – unless they’re really entertaining.

Oh, and give me five minutes to sell some tickets, okay?

your humble TubaDiva

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Lynn Bodoni
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Join Date: 03-09-1999

Dan Kaplan
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Ed Zotti
Gormless Wienie
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Please do feel free to add any other such background material of your own to this thread. Z

If I’m understanding things correctly, my user ID is 2845.

Looking back and forth, I find just four others in my cohort (not including IDs with 0 posts):
[li]Ikilledkenny (4 posts)[/li][li]leafrog (44 posts–but last activity was 11/2/11)[/li][li]CATwoman (4 posts)[/li][li]horowitz (185 posts, ruining the run of 4s)[/li][/ul]

Thanks for playing, Rhythmdvl, and all that I would add to your findings is that on your Join Date, the total number of members (counting the 0 posts crowd) was 7:

Join Date: 10-13-1999

**leafrog ** — only “active” member other than yourself

Last Activity: 11-02-2011 10:51 PM
Total Posts: 371
Posts Per Day: 0.08
Join Date: 10-13-1999

Join Date: 10-13-1999

Join Date: 10-13-1999

Join Date: 10-13-1999

Join Date: 10-13-1999

Join Date: 10-13-1999


Otherwise, your interpretation matches what I am after. Thanks!

I joined 28th of December 2000, along with 33 other new members.

Linear Crack
Arden Ranger

AVSC916 (banned)
*Chief Pedro Guanikeyu
Knighted Vorpal Sword
spark applied to powder
*The Eternal Paradox

  • = 0 posts
    bold = Last Activity date is the date of joining.

Thanks for all those details, but I’m curious which source you used. Here’s what I found:

You can Chart a Map, you can’t
Last Activity: Today 04:05 AM
User Lists
Total Posts: 4,851
Posts Per Day: 1.22
Join Date: 12-27-2000

It was 28th in my time zone when I joined, but it must have been in the wee small hours judging by the Last Activity times of some of the people who joined after me. Therefore it would still have been the 27th in much of the world.

Does this translate to my being the one thousand four hundred and fifty eighth person to join the SD that is still actively posting? :confused:

On the 31st of May 2001, may God forgive me, I joined the SDMB. My fellow sinners were:

roryaxis; last active October 8 2006; 26 posts; interests - “wimples”

bedris; last active May 31 2001; 18 posts; ice hockey goalie, 18 posts in one day then phhht…

AgiaSophie; last active December 12 2002; 3 posts

mackleson71; last active May 31 2001; 0 posts; why did he bother?

yeags; last active June 1 2001; 2 posts; anti-piracy investigator

catatonic; last active May 31 2001; 1 post

RocketHorse; last active March 13 2002; 20 posts; bartender

bfwebster; last active October 9 2008; 6 posts; bio states “have wor”

redstarcabe; last active November 20 2001; 9 posts; plays frisbee

KaraG2003; last active September 1 2001; 6 posts; - Da Bomb -

Berkut; last active June 1 2005; 2,486 posts

I am the only remaining recidivist.

I should add that, while that was fun to do, the admins can get all this information from simple queries, sliced and diced however you want it, After all it is nothing but data on tables. Probably 5 lines of code, if you are tidy, would do it.

Ooooookay. I figured out how to do all of that! :smiley:
zuma joined the same day I did and last posted 10-02-2011.
Other than that, everyone else that has the same join date as mine seems to have posted either a very few times or none at all.
Is that what you were looking for?

What I was hoping to find (among as much other useless info as y’all care to share on this issue and others) is what portion of a given day’s “Joiners” are still “active” in the sense of “recent” activity. You’re in step with that goal by posting:

  1. Your Join Date (member number is optional since it will appear with a mouseover on your post!)
  2. The Usernames of other who Joined that same date AND who are still “active” in your judgment (those with a Last Activity: that you deem “recent.”)
  3. A count (as a minimum detail) of ALL who Joined that same date.

In deference to the wishes of those who may be sensitive to the mention of Dopers who may no longer share our breathing space, listing the names of “inactive” Dopers may be in bad taste. Tuba Diva pointed that out in the thread I linked to in the OP that was the source for my interest.

Quite so. But thanks for participating anyway.