10,000 Strippers needed ASAP

Willing to move to Dallas for a weekend of lap dancing on drunk football fans?

Link way down here because it’s probably** not **work safe…


Great. I’ll be in Houston this week and you just know I won’t able to find a stripper, much less a hooker, anywhere in town.

Why? Is there a lot of peeling paint that needs to be removed right away?

That photo made me giggle. Is that supposed to be a sexy picture of that girl’s ass? 'Cause I think it looks weird.

Hundreds of thousands of drunk football fans, and half-naked women. What could possibly go wrong?

If you throw a spoiler box around it, it complies with our two-click rule.



You are Charlie Sheen, and I claim my five pounds.


Pita bread with basil tomato cheese. Up nose. Thanks !! Needed the laugh and the nasal protein.

Oh good, my great aunt, Eunice Gutrumble, was looking for a way to supplement her monthly check.

Is that her stage name? Because I hear some guys are into that.