10 down, 10 to go!

This morning, I’d lost 10 kg since August. It’s quite pointless for anyone but myself, but I just had to share it.

And no, no diet. Particularly not any kind of low-carb diet. Just using the old and true formula calories in = calories burned + weight increase.

I’m finally getting used to - and actually appreciating - being constantly more or less hungry, too. :cool:


Hooray! Good luck with your continued success.

Good for you! I’ve been quietly losing excess pounds, also; about a pound a week for the past five months or so. I was somewhat shocked by my weight at my last annual physical (and by my A1c number), so decided to stop eating like a teenager at age 64. I’m down to about 225 from 250+ and feeling much happier with myself. Keep on with the good work!

I’ve dropped 7 pounds in the last week and all I’ve done different is not eat wheat. I think it’s doing the trick for two reasons. First is the whole “wheat is evil” stuff which I neither buy nor reject (although I do feel pretty good). Second is the fact that most of what I typically eat has some kind of bread in it and I’m not coming up with a lot of things I can eat. So Maybe it’s calories in/calories burned, and maybe it’s no wheat => better glucose control => normally functioning pancreas => some other chiz => weight loss.

Unlike the OP, however, I don’t have a weight loss goal. I’d be fine wasting away for another 50 pounds before I’d even consider being concerned.