10 Minutes for Edits?

First of all, thanks for introducing the edit feature. IMO it has brought a welcome improvement to the board.

My only issue (and I know this was probably discussed thoroughly before it was implemented) is that 5 minutes is a rather short window to make corrections. I’ve already experienced several occasions where I thought of something I meant to add or correct in a post just after the 5 minute limit has expired.

I think now that the editing feature has had its trial run and it doesn’t seem to be being grossly misused it might be time to extend the allowed period, just a little bit, to 10 minutes. This would allow users to not be in such a frantic rush to edit, while still disallowing anyone from changing posts long after the fact when any significant discourse has ensued (and how much thought-filled posting to a thread really goes on within a 10-minute span?)

Just wanted to throw this out here and see what the members and moderators think. I swear it’s not a slippery slope, and we would not be on the path to anarchy by allowing 10 minutes for edits. Just in case you were thinking that.

I think the five-minute window is perfect. It allows correction of errors and small additions, and anything you think of after five minutes is probably suited for another post anyway.

If it were moved to a 10 minute limit, you’d think of something just after the 10 minute limit has expired.

I’d like mine to go to eleven.

Exactly, 10 minutes would give too many posters the chance to sneak in a response to your yet unedited post only then to have you jump in and edit out the portion that they were responding to.

My feeling as poster: I think that there are plenty of threads where you’ll get half a dozen responses within ten minutes. Most corrections and typos are noticed right away: the whole purpose of edit was to allow people to make such minor corrections.

General re-writes to say something better: well, there’s still preview.

Adding more thoughts: those belong in a new post, especially if someone has already responded.

Yes, even without any malicious after-response editing, it still makes quite an ample space for responses that would be rendered irrelevant by the editing. The edit window is a great way to fix typos but isn’t (and shouldn’t ever be, IMO) a substitute for thinking through your post before submitting it. If you omit something important, or change your mind, you can post again saying so.

<blinking> We’re supposed to think about these posts before we hit the post button? <blinking>
<wanders off thinking to self> Supposed to think about the post first… supposed to think about the post first … supposed to think about the post first … supposed to think about the post first

Zeno’s Paradox for the modern age"?

“We do not strive for perfection, because ‘perfection is the destination, imperfection is the journey.’”


It doesn’t matter how many times you preview, or how long the edit window is when the coding ninja come for you.