"10 Things Men Find Unattractive": Do you find this picture familiar?

The ad in the horizontal array on the message board page with this title shows the faces of two women. One faces almost forward with a blank look.
On Page 119 of *The Twilight Zone Companion * by Marc Scott Zicree, is a picture from the episode “The Chaser” (1960), showing actress Patricia Barry. Don’t they look alike?

If you would kindly link to both pictures, I could answer your question.

Yeah, I’m on my phone and see none of that. Little help?

You don’t have your *Twilight Zone Companion *with you at all times?

I knew I forgot something.

It *would * help if there were a link to Zicree’s work.

Even if we’re all [del]suffering silently along[/del] doing our part for Da Dope by looking at the [del]tasteless[/del] fine inline advertising, we’re not going to see the same ads as you, for… reasons. Reasons that have to do with the inscrutable nature of advertising networks.

So, if you want us to comment on the pictures, you’re going to have to show us the pictures, somehow. (Or maybe not. Perhaps commenting in complete ignorance is the best I can hope to contribute. Certainly, that’s been my opus moderandi so far.) :smiley:

What, you want one of us to post it? I really think that’s an OP thing.

The episode’s entry in Wikipedia shows this picture of Ms. Barry.

Some of us do our part by paying, so don’t see the ads at all, so yeah, a link would be good.

I would like to oblige but I don’t know how to link to that ad picture.

post/username combo = win

This woman I’m looking at a picture of right now—do the rest of you think she’s as hot as I do?

We’re never going to know which ten things men find unattractive, are we?

Consider the point I made in Post #11, please.


Except for that big hairy mole on her cheek and the green complexion, I think she’s divine.

Is it the redhead in the checkered shirt with a little gap in her front teeth, holding a credit card? If so, yes.

Are you talking about this


and this


Combing the underarm hair, definitely does it for me.